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The OKC Bombers (Yes, Plural)
by Kevin Alfred Strom
Source: www.kevinalfredstrom.com

ON THE one hand, we have the conspiracy theorists who say that Timothy McVeigh was a patsy. On the other hand, we have hours of tapes in which McVeigh admits he committed the act.

But these are not mutually exclusive propositions. One does not preclude the other.

McVeigh may have been followed, encouraged, guided, and then taken advantage of — with extra explosives as “insurance,” as the efficacy of a truck bomb some considerable distance from the building was naturally doubted by the experts involved.

I was listening to the radio in the minutes and hours immediately after the event, and there were definitely reports of additional bombs inside the building — which stands to reason, considering the massive damage.

It was also extremely suspicious that McVeigh, shortly before the attack, placed a number of apparently pointless telephone calls.

He (if indeed it was he and not a helpful “associate”) did this using a phone card sold by Liberty Lobby, a right-wing populist group. He called a long list of right-wing and pro-White racial organizations a few days before the bombing, typically leaving messages and asking — almost begging — to be contacted. The tally of organizations he tried to contact is very similar to those on the SPLC’s alleged “hate group” list.

It would be as if Lee Harvey Oswald had sat down during the first weeks of November, 1963, and made dozens of telephone calls attempting to set up meetings with every left-wing group on the House Un-American Activities Committee list — and did so from the lobby phone at Americans for Democratic Action.

McVeigh’s association with Nichols was probably not part of his handlers’ plans, since it vitiated their claim that the bombing was the work of “racists.” (Nichols was in an interracial marriage.) So McVeigh clearly had a considerable degree of freedom of action, and was not operating under direct orders.

But a patsy nonetheless? I say that is very likely.

Cui bono? Those who wanted increased government power to monitor, infiltrate, and stifle dissenters. (Legislation that presaged the Patriot Act — itself triggered by a later, possibly false flag, event — was pushed through after OKC.) Those who wanted to demonize anyone who questions the Empire. Those who wanted — and still want — to demonize groups that demand self-determination.

As I wrote shortly after the attack in April 1995, a so-called “anti-terrorism” bill, hundreds of pages in length and giving the police state agencies huge new powers to take away our privacy and liberty, was ready to be passed by Congress within days. I wrote:

‘According to wire service reports, President Clinton has called for: money to hire 1,000 new agents, a wider range of electronic surveillance, stiffer penalties, relaxed standards for allowing infiltration and informers, increased ability to trace phone calls and check credit card and other records and use of the military in domestic cases. Use of the military against American citizens — that has got to be the final straw. In Waco they insisted that U.S. Army insignia be removed from the equipment before it was to be used, but perhaps in future that will no longer be necessary. As in the Soviet Union, the people may become inured to the use of the Army against citizens….’

‘They are pushing for their so-called “Anti-Terrorism Bill.” They want more black-helmeted goons working for nameless agencies most of us haven’t even heard about, armed with automatic weapons which we are not allowed to have, with the legally-sanctioned power to attack and possibly kill Americans… They want the power to unilaterally declare, without trial, that certain groups are “terrorist” and criminalize Americans who donate to them. They want to subject patriotic, loyal Americans to the most advanced spying, wiretapping, and surveillance apparatus that has ever been known. They want carte blanche to infiltrate agents provocateurs into groups they merely suspect of lawbreaking.’

McVeigh’s act caused great harm to the populists and patriots who are critical of the regime in Washington, setting them back decades — and it greatly benefited that same regime, giving it massive new powers. We should all apply the principle of cui bono? when we think about Oklahoma City.

Above: Weapons and Explosives expert USAF (Retired) Brigadier General Ben Partin was the main expert who inspected the site of the Oklahoma City bombing of the Murrah Federal Building, analyzing hundreds of photos of the disaster. In this June 1998 speech to the Wallace Institute in Santa Clara, California, he offers his take and describes his testimony to Congress.

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I first read about the African warlords of Liberia in Vice Magazine about six or seven years ago while waiting for a seat in the neighborhood barbershop. I remember distinctly thinking the article had to be some kind of joke — like some comically exaggerated caricature of a caricature. “General Rambo”? “General Mosquito”? “General Mosquito-Spray”? “General Butt Naked”? Human sacrifice? Cannibalism? Magical powers? It just seemed too over the top to be legitimate, and I more or less dismissed it at the time as typical Vice humor. Well, it turns out that it was not a joke at all. Not an intentional one, anyhow. I suspect the international media prefer to avoid this subject for the same reason they avoid so many others. It would be deemed “racist” by today’s politically correct standard to tell the truth about Liberia (or Haiti for that matter), and that kind of charge is not good for the career. -W.

And here’s the article from August, 2003…

West Africa Has Gone Mad and It Looks Fantastic!
Published August, 2003

With the recent and totally unexplained attention of the Bush administration on war-torn Liberia, the world’s eyes are once again on the happy sands of West Africa. The scramble to make heads or tails of a situation that has neither heads nor tails has left us with the familiar confusion of information glut, conflicting reports, and amorphous Bushisms. We have heard about illegal uranium purchases, rebel armies, warlords, drugs, diamonds and even slavery, but in the center of all this mayhem one question keeps popping up that no one can seem to answer: What are they wearing? Well, you’ll be happy to hear we went down there and had our minds so blown that we look like the invisible guy from The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. West Africa is a place where death and war are the hot new looks and mortality is an irrelevant accessory.

Sierra Leone’s Kamajors wear silly hats that make them invincible. Photo: Getty Images.

You see, just because Americans have gotten used to our own military storming through the desert in rigidly uniform dress doesn’t mean all wars are fought in a fashion vacuum. Hello, people! In Liberia and neighboring Sierra Leone, two countries stuck in seemingly endless civil wars, combatants have pushed the military look to the edge of the envelope and then put a land mine into the envelope and mailed it to God.

In the late 90s, Sierra Leone (considered by the UN to be the worst place to inhabit in the world) took “thug life” to a new level, and in so doing showed us what humongous pussies our rappers are. This isn’t a place where you get mugged for your $200 Jordans; it’s a country where you get shot in the head for your hand-me-down Notorious B.I.G. shirt so someone can use it as a uniform (in the B.I.G. Army—no joke). It’s a place that just capped off a ten-year civil war, establishing a tenuous peace that will probably last for only a few days. There’s just too many fucking armies for any kind of peace to last.

A member of the notorious Tupac Army encourages the peace talks. Photo: PMYCA.

The indigenous rebel army, the Revolutionary United Front (RUF), began as a loose confederation of quasi-communists looking to liberate the enormous wealth of the local diamond trade and put it back in the hands of the common people. Their seemingly redeemable political agenda went out the fucking window, however, once they started handling piles of uncut ice. A “real niggas do real things” aesthetic took over, helpfully illustrated by the mid-90s American rap music that was filtering into West Africa thanks to the arrival of the Internet.

RUF members became easily recognized. They identified themselves as the Tupac Army by only wearing Tupac shirts. They smoked Philly blunts, sported gold hoops, and were often trailed by boombox-toting lackeys (children who’d been press-ganged into service). As “California Love” played in the background, villages were sacked and looted, women were forced into slavery, and the arms of would-be foes were hacked off to prevent them from exacting revenge. All the Kiss Army ever did was elbow their way to the front of the stage and go “yeaaaah!”

If Sierra Leone’s soldiers can be said to be analogous to Bloomingdale’s shoppers (safe, proven fashions), then the warriors of next-door-neighbor Liberia are strictly Lower East Side boutique habitués (willing to take tasteful risks). The most notorious and fashion-daring Liberian faction was the Butt Naked Gang [Ed. note: This is not a joke. We know you don’t believe us but we swear to God this is serious], headed by the J.B. of West Africa, Gen. Butt Naked. According to a phone call he says he received from Satan as a teenager [again, this is not a joke], Butt Naked and his boys would be invincible in battle so long as they fought nude. Understandably emboldened, the general and his followers waged a campaign of gruesome combat. Some chose the undeniably timeless look of birthday suit, fake Chuck Taylors, and rifle. Others went for more chaste ensembles of powdered wigs, purses, and floral dresses. It takes a real man to wear a blouse into combat, but as Butt Naked has said, “We were nude, fearless, drunk, and homicidal.” Today reformed, he pastors a congregation in Monrovia. Can we shoot the words “ooooooh kaaaye” out of a rocket launcher so our reaction can do this guy’s life justice?

Left: This Kamajor wears a rare, magical headdress that not only makes him bulletproof but also ensures that every shot he fires makes it to his enemy. Top: A weird drag-queen branch of the Kamajors juxtaposes art-school chic with rocket-propelled grenade launchers. Though he doesn’t have a silly hat or a headdress to make him impervious to bullets, he assures us his wig has the same effect. Below: A huge shipment of Titanic shirts led to an army picking it up as their uniform (oooooh kaaaaye). Left: Photo by AP Photos. Top-Right: Photo by AP Photos. Bottom right: Photo by Getty Images

Actually, we know of a group that would happily oblige. On the more traditional side of Liberian warlord fashion we have our favorites, the Kamajors. A loosely knit bush society of tribal hunters, they pluck their style directly from their favorite film, Conan the Barbarian. Animal skins and loincloths go surprisingly well with AKs and British-supplied FN rifles, but you haven’t lived until you’ve seen an ancestral face-mask accessorized with a rocket launcher. Quel sauvage! If you were ever in the neighborhood while the Kamajors were getting ready to fight, you’d have been treated to copious amounts of ganja, animal sacrifice, and chants in the native tongue offering immunity to enemy bullets. If you weren’t, sucks for you. You missed a killer party and the chance to have your very own invisible forcefield.

Additionally, a mysterious, unnamed group of fashion mavericks was often seen around the capital city of Monrovia with tennis racket cases slung sportily over their shoulders. This would seem harmless enough had tennis not fallen out of favor during the popular rise of killing. It was a great look for concealing AKs with collapsible stocks, though––very jaunty and Dynasty. These soldiers always had a spring in their step.

In fact, the only faction that seemed down in the dumps during VICE’s time visiting West Africa was a large contingent of Nigerian soldiers who fought on behalf of the official government—booorrrrriiiiiiinnng. Broke from not being paid in several months away from home, they never smiled and wore standard military uniforms. You could make a case that it was their drab look that led to their unpopularity with the locals and not the endless rape, extortion, and civil rights abuses exacted by them and so widely reported in the media––because, after all, everyone does that.

In light of recent developments in the Iraqi occupation (growing underground resistance and mass resentment), perhaps there’s a message here for our own boys in uniform. Loosen up and have some fun with it. Death is out this season, so it’s time to go out in a blaze of colorful glory. Express yourself! It’s a soldier who believes in his mission that’ll patrol the streets of Baghdad in a strapless Gucci number, or perhaps even nude, carrying only an As Four bag and an M-16. It may not change the outcome of the conflict or the posture of the locals, but it seems a nice break from the monotony of droning lulls and endless desert vortices. Come on, troops. Live a little.



Ready to turn that little nest egg into an early retirement? Sierra Leone’s illicit diamond trade may be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for. All you need is a good stash of cash, a healthy plan, and balls the size of Gen. Butt Naked’s. Here are ten tips to help you on the entrepreneurial endeavor of a lifetime:

1 Raise some capital—the bigger the initial wad, the bigger the final haul. Figure on buying uncut stones at 10–20 percent of market value. You’re only going to want to do this once, so come prepared.

2 After you’ve rounded up the loot, go round up some more. You’ll need it for “tips.” You’ll be greasing palms from Africa to Israel and back, and the level of greed and corruption you’ll encounter will be staggering.

3 Buy a gun so you can learn how to shoot. One of those ridiculous NRA courses will do to get you started, but it’s a good idea to get hooked up with a militia for access to advanced training.

4 Do not go it alone. Grab a few people you can trust with your life (good luck in 2003) and make sure they are as well prepared as you.

5 When you arrive in Sierra Leone, cautiously approach the first unofficial-looking Westerner you see and ask him about arranging a deal. If he’s white and not working for a government, you can bet he’s got his hands in the diamond trade and is looking to make a few bucks on the side. Don’t forget his gratuity––these guys make French waiters look like pushovers. He’ll also arrange for some guns to be bought. (You didn’t think you’d be getting on a plane with yours, did you?)

6 You’ll really want to do the deal in the ironically named Freetown, but if it can’t be arranged and you need to travel up-country to the diamond mines, YOU MUST FLY. By road, ambush is a 100 percent probability that will likely end with you tied to a stake, watching dogs consume your intestines. Charter a helicopter from any number of private aviators in the city.

7 OK, you are in the middle of nowhere with the world’s scariest African gangster about to sell you glowing piles of uncut rocks. Be cool while your new business associate gives you the once-over. He doesn’t know that he conjures up your worst nightmares about being hacked to pieces in the middle of the jungle. Remember, he’s just as scared of you as you are of him.

8 Yes, you know how to shoot. You are fearless, remember, and have nothing to lose. But don’t go “capping” anybody. Those guns are the last resort and only so you can take a few of the other guys with you if it comes to that. Always buy your way out of a jam. That’s what all that extra cash you brought is for.

9 You’ve done the deal. Two suitcases of diamonds are sitting on the bed in your hotel room. Now you just have to get them past security at the airport (your boy from step five should have already arranged this), onto a plane, and into Israel, where any number of shady diamond dealers will gladly take them off your hands for 70 percent of market value.

10 Return to the States, declare your enormous bankroll to customs, pay your taxes (Uncle Sam could care less as long as he gets his money), and live the rest of your fat and lazy life the way you always wanted to.

Good luck and Godspeed.

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For sixteen years now, we have heard next to nothing in the mainstream media — particularly here in the United States — concerning the plight of South Africa’s white population. This is a conscious, deliberate, and dare I say strategic suppression of the truth. It is apparently more important to serve political correctness than to inform and thus protect whites. The message becomes increasingly clear. What whites in South Africa are experiencing ought to serve as a warning for the rest of the world. Wake or perish. -W.


Black Racists Vow to “Rape and Kill” White World Cup Fans

7th April 2010
Source: express.co.uk

A VILE Facebook campaign to incite race hate ahead of the World Cup in South Africa in June is being investigated by police.

The official probe was launched into a group set up by alleged supporters of firebrand politician Julius Malema.

One entry, emailed to football fans around the world, calls for the “rape and slaughter” of whites and the murder of President Jacob Zuma.

In a chilling message a Malema “fan” called Thato Mbateti Mbateti warns: “Every trespasser, namely white whores, we will rape them and kill them… White kids will be burned.”

The campaign comes amid growing tensions in South Africa after the murder of white separatist Eugene Terreblanche.

Yesterday angry crowds clashed outside a court in Ventersdorp, near Johannesburg, as two black farm workers, aged 15 and 21, appeared accused of killing the 69-year-old who had campaigned for separatist within South Africa.

Bitter memories of the apartheid era were evoked when 2,000 people gathered and police used razor wire to separate the factions. The case was adjourned until next week.

South African leaders, including President Zuma, have called for calm after the killing of Terreblanche. But right-wing supporters have vowed vengeance.

Malema, who leads the youth wing of Zuma’s African National Congress party, was reportedly under police guard after alleged death threats against him. The Facebook page, which attracted more than 15,000 followers, has been shut down. Malema and the ANCYL insisted it was not an official supporters’ page.

Lawrence Schlemmer, vice president of the South African Institute of Race Relations, said: “There is no reason why these things, as tragic as they are, should affect the safety of fans or players at the World Cup. The World Cup and sport, as it is supposed to, channels passions and reconciles conflict.”
White slaughter in South Africa? Plans made to conduct campaign of genocide after Mandela’s death
Source: World Net Daily

While former South African President Nelson Mandela, [93], scoffs at rumors of ill health, plans are being made by the nation’s Communist Party to slaughter all whites in the country upon his death, G2B sources say.

One of the operations planned entails 70,000 armed black men “being transported to the Johannesburg city center within an hour” in taxicabs to attack whites.

The plans are variously dubbed “Operation Vula,” “Night of the Long Knives,” “Operation White Clean-up,” “Operation Iron Eagle” and “Red October campaign.”

Operation “Our Rainy Day” was to be carried out after the death of Nelson Mandela and would have entailed blacks being transported to the largest cities in taxis.

The assailants were expected to “take over” fuel points and massacre whites. The attacks would lead to a coup.

Sources say most blacks in the country are aware of the plans. When racial disputes occur, blacks often tell whites, “Wait until Mandela dies.”

“White people in South Africa can deny it to the end of the earth, but we are in real danger,” one resident said. “This is no joke and any person with half a brain can see that this rumor has spiraled out of control.”

Many whites are now convinced a vicious campaign of ethnic cleansing will follow Mandela’s death whenever it comes. Some are making preparations for retreats.

“I have prepared myself and we have a gathering place where we can fortify for four weeks after Mandela’s death,” said one white South African. “If nothing happens, it will be a miracle.”

The Red October campaign is allegedly a Communist plot to oust President Thabo Mbeki. Mbeki would be replaced by Cyril Ramaphosa.

“I was starting to think I was going nuts!” said another white South Africa resident. “‘Operation Uhuru’ or ‘Operation White Clean-up’ is definitely no rumor. I spoke to someone who told me that some blacks in Zimbabwe have also confirmed that this ‘event’ will take place. My cousin stays on a farm in Mpumalanga, not too far from Johannesburg. A black police officer in that district told his white colleague that they are going to kill us like flies, and there is nothing we can do about it. And that they also don’t care if we know.”

Meanwhile, Mandela, obviously aware of the growing rumors, last week assured the public he is well.

“My health is all right,” he told reporters in Cape Town. “I’m doing very well. Others have gone further and said I am on the eve of going to my grave. If that day comes, I will go and knock at the door of heaven. … They will look at the list and say: ‘Your name is not here … can you try next door?'”

Concern about Mandela’s health surfaced last month when he canceled a scheduled meeting with visiting German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder. The former president was at the time relaxing on the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius.

Mandela joked that when his time comes, “I will look for a branch of the ANC (the ruling African National Congress) in that world (and) I’ll join it.”
What they mean by “equality.”

South African farm attacks
From Wikipedia

The South African farming community has suffered from attacks for many years.[1] The majority of the victims have been Afrikaner farmers, with claims of death tolls of up to 3,000 cited in the national and international media[2][3] The independent South African Human Rights Commission, set up by former President Mandela’s government, quantifies the number at about 2,500[4], while farmers’ organisations state the figure to be closer to 3,000.[4] The Commission’s report found that the rate of murders had increased by 25% since 2005[4].The victims’ ages have ranged from infant to 87 years old.

According to the South African Human Rights Commission there have been 9,400 farm attacks.

In 2010, the issue garnered greater international attention in light of the murder of the far-right political figure Eugene Terre’Blanche on his farm.[5]


* 1 Terminology and definition
* 2 Committee of Inquiry
* 3 Criticism
* 4 References

Terminology and definition

South African statutory law does not define a “farm attack” as a specific crime. Rather, the term is used to refer to a number of different crimes committed against persons specifically on commercial farms or smallholdings.

According to the South African Police Service National Operational Coordinating Committee:

“Attacks on farms and smallholdings refer to acts aimed at the person of residents, workers and visitors to farms and smallholdings, whether with the intent to murder, rape, rob or inflict bodily harm. In addition, all actions aimed at disrupting farming activities as a commercial concern, whether for motives related to ideology, labour disputes, land issues, revenge, grievances, racist concerns or intimidation, should be included.”[1]

This definition excludes “social fabric crimes”, that is those crimes committed by members of the farming community on one another, such as domestic or workplace violence, and focuses on outsiders entering the farms to commit specific criminal acts. The safety and security MEC for Mpumalanga, Dina Pule, has disagreed with this definition and has stated that a farm attack is “when the sole motive is to take the life of the person who resides on the farm and nothing else.”[6] Human Rights Watch has criticised the use of the term “farm attacks”, as they suggest this is “reinforcing, through the use of the word ‘attack’, the idea that there is a military or terrorist basis for the crimes, rather than a criminal one.”[7]

Committee of Inquiry

A Committee of Inquiry into Farm Attacks was appointed in 2001 by the National Commissioner of Police. The purpose of the committee was to “inquire into the ongoing spate of attacks on farms, which include violent criminal acts such as murder, robbery, rape, torture, etc, to determine the motives and factors behind these attacks and to make recommendations on their findings.”[1] The Committee used the definition for farm attacks as that supplied by the SAPS. The findings were published on 31 July 2003, and the main conclusions of the report were that:

* Perpetrators tended to be young, unemployed black men overwhelmingly from dysfunctional family backgrounds
* Only a small proportion of attacks involved murder [Of the officially reported 9,400 attacks, over 3,000 were murdered. Is that really such a “small proportion”?]
* Theft was committed in almost all cases [simply not true] – in cases where no theft appeared to take place, it was usually because the attackers had been disturbed
* White people were not targeted exclusively; in 2001 61% of farm attack victims were white

The Transvaal Agricultural Union (TAU), however, questioned a number of the report’s findings, claiming that theft and desire for land did not adequately explain some of the attacks.[8]


The South African government has been criticised both for not doing more to prevent farm attacks, and for giving the issue a disproportionate amount of attention:

* Gideon Meiring, chairperson of the TAU’s safety and security committee, criticised the South African Police Service for failing to prevent farm attacks, stating that the police “are not part of the solution but part of the bloody problem“.[9] Meiring has assisted farming communities in setting up private armed patrols in their area.

* Kallie Kriel of AfriForum accused politicians, including Agriculture Minister Lulu Xingwana and her deputy Dirk du Toit, of inciting hatred against farmers [i.e. whites], saying “Those who inflame hate and aggression towards farmers have to be regarded as accomplices to the murders of farmers.” In particular, Kriel condemned claims that violence against farm workers by farmers was endemic. Kriel also highlighted a court case in which ANC MP Patrick Chauke publicly blamed the white community for murders and at which ANC demonstrators displayed slogans such as “One settler, one bullet!”, “Kill the Boer, kill the farmer!” and “Maak dood die wit man” (Kill the white man). Simple theft could not be used to explain the full motive of the attacks as it was not necessary to torture or murder victims in order to rob them.[10]

* Human Rights Watch criticised the government for placing too much emphasis on protecting farmers, at the expense of protecting farm workers from abuse by farm owners. They suggest that “farm attacks” are given a disproportionately high media and political focus. “Murders on farms are given an individual attention that many other killings are not.”[7] [How’s that for “human rights”?]

* In 2004, former South African journalist Jani Allan appeared on the Jeff Rense radio show to 7 million listeners. She denounced the attacks and accused the South African government of a genocidal campaign. She encouraged Americans to sponsor the emigration of poor Afrikaner families. Ronnie Mamoepa, the spokesperson for the South African foreign affairs department, said the department would not respond to Allan’s claims, as this would give her “undue attention she does not deserve”. Afrikaner intellectual Hermann Giliomee has also slammed Allan. He said Allan should not be taken seriously. While there had been large numbers of farm murders, there was no evidence to prove that the killings were an orchestrated political campaign, he said.[11]


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The Price Of Free Speech In South Africa
By Jani Allan

Jan Lamprecht’s website (http://www.AfricanCrisis.org) has the greatest cyber library of Southern African horror on the internet. His site features ugly photographic and video evidence of the brutal farm murders that are happening in South Africa with increasing sadism and regularity.

This week, after a campaign of intimidation by the ANC government Jan Lamprecht announced his decision to take his site down.

The closing of the http://www.AfricanCrisis.org website this week, is a sinister signal of what lies ahead for South Africa under ANC rule.

For four years Jan Lamprecht, a white ex-Zimbabwean, has been running one of the most hard-hitting hard-news sites out of Africa. Lamprecht’s news items included not only what was happening in South Africa, but also the crucial and terrible events in Zimbabwe and Namibia. Apart from CensorBugBear.com (which covers mainly SA) http://www.AfricanCrisis.org was of major significance.

As a prominent British journalist puts it:

“AfricanCrisis.org is an historic document, a work – or disaster – in progress. Reading African Crisis is like watching a nation going off its head, en masse.”

The site is uncompromising. The stories of rape, torture, corruption, political abuse and murder made the site compelling reading.

Agony is always rivetting viewing.

Lamprecht’s site became internationally recognized as the site of choice for those wanting information, not the Disneyland version – the real information – about what is happening in South Africa. As evidenced by his postings, he was drawing forumites of the highest calibre from Canada to Belgium.

Jan Lamprecht, who lives in South Africa, ran AfricanCrisis unpaid and as a sideline. Journalist and webmaster, his sole purpose has been wanting to get the truth out to the world about what is happening in South Africa.

In addition to running the site Jan Lamprecht fearlessly authored a book called ‘Government by Deception’ (Tiger Maple Press.) The book provides a damning insight into the psychopolitics employed by the Marxist-Communist ANC and its brothers to the North.

Lamprecht, known for his blunt, editorial comments, developed an extensive following internationally. His contacts and range of influence embrace people of great influence and all walks of life. One supporter and close friend is Jeff Rense, the legendary American Talk Show host whose show boasts 17 million listeners. Jan was a regular guest on Rense who is known to be sympathetic to the plight of white South Africans and virulently opposed to Mugabe’s Marxist regime.

Six weeks ago Jan Lamprecht set up a web page forum for this writer.

“Since I gave Jani, a household name in South Africa, a voice on my site the problems started,” says Lamprecht.

“Her forum was immediately inundated with people expressing tremendous HATRED of her, trying in every way possible to hurt her. When Jani Allan was interviewed by Jeff Rense in the USA with his huge, huge listenship – that was the turning point.

The ANC went so far as getting someone from the Sunday Times (the paper on which she was the leading columnist for a decade) to discredit Jani and what she had said on Rense. Meanwhile, the audio tape of the interview found its way on to hundreds of websites all over the world, including, ironically, Pravda.

A friend of Lamprecht who holds a senior position in TAU (Transvaal Agricultural Union), wrote to him saying “By giving Jani a platform you have angered the movers and shakers… WATCH YOUR BACK!”

For the past two weeks, Jan has been subjected to personal Intimidation and threats to close his website.

Lamprecht and his close colleagues have proof that an ANC/Govt propagandist/s were assigned to his website to cause trouble and make suggestions that could result in the website being labelled as a “terrorist” site.

Ten days ago, Jan warned that he would not tolerate his site being abused by people engaging in ‘war talk’ or spewing racial hatred.

‘My site is the only site in the world which allows people from opposing sides of the political spectrum to exchange views and hopefully learn from each other.’

However on the 8th July Jan Lamprecht informed his closest colleagues and associates in an encrypted message that he had decided to freeze the website. ANC spies have been monitoring the http://www.AfricanCrisis.org website, his private e-mails and telephone calls.

“They are letting me know, via the posts, that they know where I live, who is close to me…they even have my cell-phone number. I have been receiving threatening phone calls,” he said.

Jan Lamprecht is still wondering “Is it Jani Allan that they want gone from my site?”

“All this heat that has come my way, from all these angles, have occurred one after the other in only the last few weeks since I gave Jani Allan a forum on my site and since she was interviewed by Jeff Rense. The things that came from that interview have unquestionably angered powerful people.’ Obviously I’ve done something to truly piss them off in a big way – methinks its getting Jani on my site, and that interview that finally ticked them off enough.”

A former Special Forces contact outside South Africa said that he feared the worst for Jan Lamprecht. ‘He could be taken out any day.’

The South African Constitution claims to ensure Freedom of Speech, but clearly there is nothing free about speech in Southern Africa.

In a country where the media are craven ANC lap-dogs. Jan Lamprecht’s was the only site courageous and responsible enough to give the world the information that the ANC is so intent on concealing.

Yesterday, Larry Pratt, an influential voice in American politics for the past 30 years and founder and director of Gun Owners of America had this to say.

“It seems to me that Zimbabwe II is but a short time away. The duplication of the firearms laws is too similar. The farm attacks are already escalating. Business is tanking, but all of this is of no concern to socialists who want control. They will be wealthy even while 99.9% of the rest of the population are totally impoverished.”

Please post your messages of support to Jan Lamprecht on the http://www.AfricanCrisis.org website on the Jani Allan Forum Page.

Jani Allan writes:

I know the hell that Jan Lamprecht must be going through.

I have had personal experience of the SA government’s methods of dealing with the voices of dissent i.e. those who are intent on telling the truth. My flat was bombed. After doing some radio shows with Jan Lamprecht in which we discussed Mugabe’s reign of terror and the Zimbabwe land grabs, I was held up at gun-point with a Magnum .44 and fired from the radio station because ‘there is no place for the likes of Jani Allan in the New South Africa.” Finally I was forced to flee South Africa.

It is my fervent hope that the death of AfricanCrisis will make the world sit up and notice. I implore all readers of this story to e-mail it to your friends, post messages of support on my page for this fearless warrior of the spirit whose crime was to tell the truth about South Africa.

White Afrikaners Face Genocide
Jan Lamprecht, AfricanCrisis.Org, Rense.com, Jun. 18

“Afrikaners must be welcomed as political refugees to America.”—Jani Allan, Journalist

A top American radio commentator and a South African journalist are calling on Americans to start sponsoring the emigration of white Afrikaner families as political refugees—to save them from the ethnic cleansing campaign they are being engulfed in under South African president Mbeki’s ANC government.

See: http://www.genocidewatch.org/BoersSlain01.htm

This call was made during the Jeff Rense radio program in the US—which has millions of listeners coast-to-coast—on Thursday, June 17. (Note—You can hear this important broadcast by going to the Archives at Rense.com)

The comments were made during Mr. Rense’s hour-long interview with South African journalist Jani Allan—who recently fled from the violence there and is now attempting to obtain her green card in the US.

Ms Allan warned that the 4.5 million Afrikaners are being ’ethnically-cleansed’ by the Mbeki regime and that their plight was growing increasingly desperate each week.

“More than 1,500 white South Africans have already been slaughtered just since the start of the current American war in Iraq,” she pointed out. “That’s more than twice as many as the number of Iraqi civilians officially said to have been killed in the war so far.”

She warned that SA President Mbeki has “a total obsession with race,” that he hates Afrikaner people and that he’s obsessed with what he terms “colonial oppression.”

Ms Allan pointed out, however, that the Afrikaners aren’t colonials—they are indigenous to South Africa, having been there some 350 years—three and a half CENTURIES—and that they are “totally trapped on the continent of Africa, and have no means of escaping” without the help of America.

Jeff Rense: “America must open its borders to the Afrikaner people. Imagine living in a place over 300 years and then be told that you have no right to live there because of your skin colour. The slaughter of thousands has already commenced and these people must be given political refugee status by the United States.”

Miss Allan said the Afrikaners who do manage to flee from the continent with their families find it extremely painful, as they leave behind the only country they have ever known and loved, and in many cases, extended family and other loved ones.

“It is very difficult for an entire family to have to uproot itself and move to a country of which they have no knowledge,” she said.

Rense called on his American listeners to contact the US Immigration Service to find out how they could sponsor an Afrikaner family and help legally bring them to the US. He said because of their work ethic and dedication to freedom, Afrikaners would be self-sufficient in no time—unlike most of the 20 plus million illegals who have been permitted and encouraged to invade America by the last two US administration.

“Afrikaners are hard-working people and would not be a liability to their sponsors or the United States,” said Rense.

“These people are true political refugees who are being slaughtered because of their ethnic origin,” he pointed out.

Miss Allan said there are Americans who have noted the plight of the Afrikaner people and have launched letter-writing campaigns to try and help them, such as Don Pengelly of Texas.

She said she was very moved by a letter he had written her in which he described having attended the funeral of a murdered Afrikaner farm woman and seeing the looks on the faces of her Afrikaner relatives.

“They looked like cattle being taken into a slaughterhouse, with the same stricken looks on their faces. They know they will be next.”

Said Allan: “Communism is alive and well and living in Africa, and as a result, Afrikaners are being ethnically-cleansed. They aren’t even granted the right to their own small piece of land. The ANC refuses to talk with Afrikaner leaders about creating a homeland for them, not even a tiny piece of desert.”

“My heart goes out to the plight of the Afrikaner people. America should open its doors to them, as their suffering is incredible.”

Miss Allan also explained that under the ANC’s ’Black Economic Empowerment’ (BEE) laws, Afrikaners can’t even keep their own businesses any more, because owners are being forced to open even family-owned businesses to “black shareholders.”

“A business woman wrote me this week that she is now being forced to take black strangers off the street and turn them into co-owners of her family business just to satisfy the demands of BEE.”

“I don’t see any future for the Afrikaner people—especially due to this ’black economic empowerment’ policy of the ANC government.”

She also said that crime had gone completely out of control in South Africa, and that there were no safe havens left.

Shortly before she left South Africa for the United States, Allan had been held up at gun-point in Cape town in one of the most upscale, most protected shopping centres in the country. She said her black assailants had put a .44 to her forehead during the robbery.

“Nobody is safe anywhere from the devastating crime wave. People have a defeatist attitude and even wear t-shirts with these horrendous crime statistics printed on the front, but with slogan on the back, “South Africa, I love it . . .”

Meanwhile, honest journalists in South Africa have no platforms to report the truth, she noted.

She said she was hounded out of her job as a major radio journalist because she asked too many questions. “For instance, I questioned why Mandela has this saint-like status, and I questioned what was happening to the millions of dollars being donated to the Mandela Funds.”

“South Africa—just like all of Africa—has now also fallen prey to the one-party state, where no criticism is tolerated against the ruling party at all.”

She pointed out that Mbeki wholeheartedly supports the outrageously racist Mugabe doctrine which has announced that all the “whites” must be out of Zimbabwe by 2005.

“That same ethnic cleansing template is also being applied to South Africa. In Zimbabwe, there are now only about 30,000 whites left and most of them can flee to other countries.

“But in South Africa, the 4.5 million Afrikaners are indigenous to the country and are physically trapped on the African continent.” And they are being tortured and slaughtered by blacks at a horrible rate.

“My heart goes out to the Afrikaner people who are trapped on the African continent. There must be a way in which Americans can give political asylum to these people.”

“There is a silent genocide going on in South Africa.” said Ms. Allan.

“There are a few lone voices speaking up against this in other countries. There is, for instance, a woman in Holland who tried to show the video documentary about the black murders of white farm families called ’A Bloody Harvest.’

“She was attacked and demonised by a violent group of left-wing activists and called a right-wing racist.”

Jeff Rense has long been the only high-profile US journalist to consistently cover the tragic, racist downward spiral of Zimbabwe and now South Africa. He has offered to do all he can with his program and highly-respected worldwde internet news site to assist in establishing and helping guide a program to rescue as many Afrikaners as possible by seeing that they are permitted to be sponsored by Americans to emigrate to the US.

“These people are truly political refugees who are being murdered and persecuted at an ever-increasing rate. It’s time to act. This kind of compassion is what made America the great nation it once was . . . and still might be again.”

“If anyone doubts what is happening over there, go to http://www.AfricanCrisis.org and look at the horrific black racist slaughter of white farm famiilies—men, women, children and little babies—for themselves.”

He called for immediate legislation to formally declare white Afrikaners political refugees facing certain genocide and establishing a system to immediately allow Americans to personally sponsor their emigration to the US.

He added, “If these were Blacks being slaughtered by Whites, you would see the entire world outraged . . . but that’s not happening because the victims are white.”

South Africa’s Coming Race Wars
From Jan Lamprecht

This is a MUST-READ for South Africans. Take the time, and read it to the end – the kicker is right at the end. If any of you get the chance to talk to any blacks, you must please try and question them about this – and please let me know what you hear. I would like to encourage you ALL to do some digging. I want to try to establish how widespread this is and how long it has been going on.

I was stunned today when my mother told me of a discussion she had with the gardener who works for us. He’s a nice old black guy. We never talk politics with him.

However, Mum told me that she was talking to him the other day when he mentioned that on the African radio stations they have been hearing them saying this:

“A time is coming when the blacks will take the white’s furniture, their houses and their cars.”

The gardener told Mum that the blacks were talking among themselves about this, and they were saying they don’t know how this is going to happen, but they believe that the Government knows better and they will wait to see what the Government does…

That sent chills down my spine. That’s just like what that old prophet Van Rensburg spoke of.

In fact, what I’m now going to do is try to see if I can get more information out of blacks everywhere regarding this. There have long been suspicions that the news the blacks hear, in their native language, is different to what we hear. They are told other things.

There have been rumours of this for a long time, but, it looks like this really is going to happen to us. This is chilling stuff… please let me know what you find out.

South Africa’s Coming Race Wars
By Jan Lamprecht pbs@iafrica.com 2-10-1

Many people are fooled by words. It is ironic that words, which are normally used to communicate with, can also be used to deceive and fool people or to convey subtle messages. Most people are completely surprised by this because most people are, for the most part, straight-forward and honest. Lawyers, for example, are a group of people who are very skilled at this misuse of language. Many lawyers then go on to become politicians where they excel at this abuse!

But, words can be used as weapons. The military use of propaganda is both an art and a science of the highest order. A great deal of work has gone into this. Words can be used to excite one group of people to foment hatred and anger while cowing another group of people down and lulling them into a false sense of security. This is the art of Psychological Warfare and Propaganda.

Here in Southern Africa, all the “Liberation Movements” which were sponsored by the Russians and Chinese have gone on to become the Governments of the day. These Liberation Movements have all been schooled in the art of propaganda and psychological warfare. They know how to say things and also how not to say things.

In fact, even the word “Liberation” is an example of propaganda. These people are portrayed as “Freedom Fighters” and “Liberators” when in fact their aims are to feed everyone, black and white alike, a good dose of socialism and centralised control. Overtly they claim to be in favour of freedom but, covertly, the opposite is true.

These people are skilled at portraying themselves to the world as reasonable men, when in fact, they have much blood on their hands and won’t hesitate to murder their own or their enemies at the drop of a hat. It may seem ironic, but these “Liberators” killed more black people than the whites ever did.

Bit by bit people outside Africa are starting to realise that this new generation of Black Liberators are not sincere people. Slowly, people in Western countries are realising that something is amiss. One day they will realise that they’ve been lied to.

The Black Leaders talk of creating a prosperous multiracial society when in fact they have no interest in such a thing. On the quiet they tell their supporters to murder the whites, make things hot for them and encourage them to flee the country. At a Governmental level, the Government turns a blind eye to crime and in fact makes rules which will cause crime to increase. These Marxists would never DARE say so in public, but they are sick of the whites and want them to leave the country.

When leaders such as Thabo Mbeki speak of the “transformation” of society – what does he really mean?

Let me quote from the book: “PROPAGANDA & PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE”, written by T. H. Qualter of the University of Waterloo. On page 106 we read this: “In its actual operation Russian propaganda has been characterised by a distinctive use of language described with fair accuracy as ‘semantic warfare’. The language of Communism… is not so much a means of explaining to the unbeliever what Communism means, BUT AN ARMOURY OF WEAPONS AND TOOLS INTENDED TO PRODUCE SUPPORT OR DISSOLVE OPPOSITION TO COMMUNIST POLICIES ON THE PART OF PEOPLE EITHER HOSTILE OR INDIFFERENT TO THEM. THE MEANING OF A COMMUNIST WORD IS NOT WHAT YOU THINK IT SAYS, BUT WHAT EFFECT IT IS INTENDED TO PRODUCE.” (My emphasis)

Qualter continues:- “In addition to their characteristic ‘special’ vocabulary… Communists also use familiar words and phrases, but they use them in a particular way, often distorting their reference to confuse both home and foreign opinion. ‘Peaceful Coexistence’, for example, carries to western minds the connotation of toleration and mutual respect, an attitude of ‘live and let live’. IN MARXIST TERMINOLOGY HOWEVER, PEACE DEMANDS THE DISAPPEARANCE OF THE CAUSE OF THE CLASS STRUGGLE, SO THAT ‘PEACEFUL COEXISTENCE’ IMPLIES A WORLDWIDE ‘CLASSLESS’ COMMUNIST SOCIETY. When eighty one Communist parties met in Moscow in December 1960, they publicly announced that ‘Peaceful Coexistence’ meant “THE INTENSIFICATION OF THE STRUGGLE OF THE WORKING CLASS FOR THE TRIUMPH OF SOCIALIST IDEAS”, rather than “the conciliation of bourgeois ideologies’.” (My Emphasis).

The above simple example should show that the Marxist definition of “peace”, for example, is not peace in the terms in which we think. “Peace”, in their view, can only occur when they defeat us. It is in this manner that one must take a closer look at Marxist pupils, such as Mugabe, and Mbeki (who used to be a card carrying member of the South African Communist Party). These people are highly skilled at “Communist speak”. They use words in a very deliberate, and yet misleading way. Only their true followers understand exactly what they are getting at. These are not sincere people.

A word that is over-used in South Africa, Africa and indeed the world is “democracy.” Everyone believes that “democracy” is good and must be striven for. All countries, it is felt, should aspire to “democracy.” Only “democracy” is good. Everything else is bad. “Democracy” is the buzz-word of today, and yet, Qualter had this to write about the propagandistic use of the word “democracy” by Marxists:-

“Again, ‘democracy’ is a prestige word; so the Soviet satellites become ‘democracies’, but ‘People’s Democracies’ to distinguish them from the ‘decadent bourgeois democracies’ of the West.”


From the above, it should be obvious that “democracy” in the terms of our “National Liberators”, like Mugabe, and Mbeki, EXCLUDES US WHITES WHO HAVE CAPITALIST VALUES AND ASPIRATIONS. “Democracy”, in the Marxist view, is more than just voting. It is a whole new society. Note, in the above, the mention of Colonialism and how it too is capitalist – and therefore there is no place for it.

Just because the ANC has never murdered us in our beds does not mean it will never happen. Until last year, whites in Zimbabwe had not been driven off their land by masses of black thugs – and yet, it happened out of the blue. As far as Mugabe is concerned, its not over yet. He wants to drive all the whites off the farms even if it means national starvation and suicide. Remember, South Africa’s history has a number of parallels and similarities to that of Zimbabwe. The two countries have a lot of things in common. Things that have happened in Zimbabwe have yet to happen in South Africa. People used to say South Africa would never be ruled by blacks, and yet it is now ruled by Marxist blacks. One should never say the blacks will not attack us. The only reason they probably have not is because too many of us are armed and they aren’t strong enough – but give them time. They keep on changing the gun laws and are working overtime to disarm us. The key issue is to discern whether the leadership of this country is hell-bent on engaging in attempted white genocide at some point in the future. Are they hostile enough towards us to try that?

When the ANC uses soft words like the “transformation of society” then we should beware – these words sound soft, but they mean something else completely different. These words really mean: “We must continue moving towards a black-dominated Marxist/Socialist system.”

It has long been the view in South Africa, across the spectrum of black and white public opinion, that Nelson Mandela is more trustworthy than Thabo Mbeki. Indeed, when Mbeki was still the Vice President, there were many rumours that he was something of a dark horse, and that in fact he was a dangerous man with a hidden hostility to whites.

A biography of him written some time ago stated that even within the ANC he was ruthless and that he had climbed to his present position by knifing others in the back.

My personal opinion of Mbeki was formed many years ago when the ANC was first unbanned. I watched with great fascination when he first appeared in an SABC TV interview. I was very impressed with Mbeki’s smoothness. The honey was dripping from his lips as he described a wonderful future for blacks and whites under ANC rule. His descriptions were so flowery and beautiful that I felt he was describing heaven on Earth for all of us. In fact, the ANC has continued with this view by campaigning under the slogan: “A better life for ALL.” They always keep telling us that the better life is not just for the blacks, but in fact also for the whites too!!

However, underneath this facade of friendliness, lies something else. Mbeki is a man who says one thing, but does another. If one looks closely at him, there is indeed a hidden hostility to the whites which I personally find very frightening.

Take for example Robert Mugabe’s campaign against the white farmers in Zimbabwe in 2000. While the world was condemning Mugabe, Mbeki’s ANC was strangely quiet. In fact, he even went to Zimbabwe to open a Trade Fair there during that time. He never criticised Mugabe and was in fact seen being very friendly to Mugabe. Not only that, but Mbeki praised him saying that the most important thing he learnt from Mugabe was how crucial BLACK UNITY was. In this one cannot fault either of the two. Both Mugabe and Mbeki have worked hard over the years to unite the blacks under them, by hook or by crook. They have used both the carrot and the stick. At times they have used force, murder and terror, but at other times they have also given the blacks who oppose them important positions in government.

For example, Dr Buthelezi, the leader of the Zulus, used to be aligned with the whites. Buthelezi was pro-Western, and supported the whites, as well as having many whites in the ranks of his political party. Buthelezi used to be a critic of the ANC. However, as a conciliatory gesture, he was sworn in as the Acting State President one time when the President was not in the country. He was also given a token position inside the Government. These gestures have softened Buthelezi. Nowadays he tows the line quite happily. I have also noticed that a number of ANC “defectors” have entered Buthelezi’s politcal party where they have made themselves at home and are slowly transforming his political party into something more acceptable to the ANC.

Similarly, a black man from the small, radical, AZAPO party was given a ministerial position recently, even though this is actually illegal. This should be seen for what it is: the ANC making a magnanimous gesture towards other blacks.

What nobody in South Africa has noticed is how the ANC is moving to bring ALL the blacks under their wing while excluding the whites. Here we see sheer racism in action.

The ANC’s biggest political opposition is the Democratic Alliance which is white-dominated. The DA does not get the same magnanimous treatment which the black parties get, even though, constitutionally and legally it is entitled to such. In fact, the DA should be the first in line for such actions since it is the official opposition.

Mugabe did a similar thing in Zimbabwe. He tried to crush his black political opposition. When murdering entire villages and throwing people down wells did not work, he gave them a carrot. He made their leader, Joshua Nkomo, the vice president. In this way Mugabe finally achieved the black unity he sought.

Mbeki and Mugabe are out to form a front against a “common enemy” – the white man.

Let it be said that the average black person in the street, in both Zimbabwe and in South Africa, does not truly comprehend the evil intentions of the Marxists they have chosen as their leaders. The average blacks are, for the most part, not filled with intense hatred or bitterness. However, their leaders spend much time sowing the seeds of race hatred among them. These common people do not realise the crimes to which they are being led by the leaders they have chosen and trust.

In a WorldNetDaily article some months ago, I recorded how Mbeki tried to use the AIDS situation in South Africa as a means of trying to foment new race hatred. Mbeki came out and supported Professor Duesberg’s controversial theories and then immediately used this as a pretext to say that the reason AIDS was so prevalent in South Africa was because of the terrible treatment the blacks had received at the hands of the whites! Mbeki’s embarrassing foray into the world of AIDS and the science behind it had nothing to do with a desire to find the truth. Behind the facade science lurked a desire to promote race hatred and to find ever more reasons to blame the whites for all the ills of the blacks.

Mugabe has been on a similar kick for the last 20+ years. Even after handing over power to him, and in spite of experiencing heinous taxes, the whites nevertheless keep the country afloat. The whites manage, against great odds, to keep the country going even though Mugabe is a Marxist who is trying to destroy them at every opportunity. It therefore came as a great embarrassment to him when the whites began winning credibility among the black populace. Most blacks in Zimbabwe state openly that Mugabe must not blame the whites for the ills of the country because it is a lie.

Here in South Africa, one never hears the end of the word “Apartheid” even though it disappeared more than 10 years ago. These people never miss an opportunity to blame the whites for something. They keep referring to 400 years of development as 400 years of “destruction.” This is nonsense as any casual glance at a history book will show.

Prince Charles, in England, once referred to “Political Correctness” as “Intellectual Communism” – which is what it really is. In the PC world, it is completely frowned upon to call a black man “racist”. And yet, if one looks at Mugabe, he must indeed be the most racist black man on the planet. Mbeki, very grudgingly, says a few things to placate the whites, but one can see that he does it only out of sheer necessity and nothing else.

In his opening of parliament speech the other day, Mbeki said that the whites still have too many jobs and the blacks too few. The whites owned too much and the blacks too little. This “imbalance” would have to be “corrected”. Clearly, Marxism and socialism lies at the heart of his economic policies.

That Mbeki has no real interest in the economic progress of South Africa is evidenced by his remarks at an economic congress at Davos in Switzerland recently. This was Mbeki’s big chance to produce a “blue print” for saving Africa. Yet, when he got there he had nothing concrete to propose. He merely stated that peace and “democracy” (a code word for Marxism) first had to be brought to Africa. Only then, once the political system had been stabilised, could there be economic development. These were strange words for a major leader in a continent which is a virtual cesspool of crime, corruption, poverty, etc. Mbeki, and the leaders of other Marxist states, like Tanzania, had no real interest in the economic welfare of their own people. All they are really concerned about is that their Marxist buddies, like Kabila and Mugabe, are firmly entrenched in power.

One would have expected these leaders to be falling over themselves begging for investment from the West and making new rules so that investment in Africa could occur more easily. And yet, the leaders of this continental cess-pool only paid lip-service to this.

Why don’t these leaders care? What’s going on?

Its class warfare pure and simple. Take a look at Mugabe. Mugabe prefers to murder the successful white farmers and to force them off their farms. He encourages and whips up hatred against them and encourages vandals to destroy their property, rape their wives and murder them. When Mugabe addresses black crowds in their native African languages he PRAISES these criminals and ENCOURAGES them. But, when TV cameras are focussed on him and the world waits to hear what he has to say, he speaks in English and CONDEMNS these people. As a native of Africa, I have OFTEN heard that these black Marxist leaders say one thing to the international community and to journalists, but, when they address their own people in their own language, they say something completely different. To the world at large, they pretend to be reasonable, peaceful people, but, to their own followers they say something else. Obviously, they are lying to someone – but to whom?

Mbeki and the ANC officials do exactly the same here in South Africa. ANC officials have long told the black people that white South Africans invented AIDS so as to murder them! Many, if not most blacks actually believe this. The ANC constantly puts out a stream of anti-white propaganda. ANC officials have said some dreadful things but these things NEVER reach the international media. It was once mentioned, by the journalist, Jani Allen, that an ANC official told blacks to kill the whites. Not long ago, the ANC Secretary General, gave a speech wherein he told the blacks to prepare for the struggle against CAPITALISM!

For decades now, I have heard that the blacks have been instructed to IGNORE what their leaders say in English, but to follow whatever they tell them in their own language…

Just as Mugabe was holding news conferences condemning the violence and murder of white farmers, the Zimbabwe Army was loading truck-loads full of thugs and transporting them to farms to start more violence! Such is the hypocrisy!

Mbeki is a close friend of Mugabe, and I believe he supports him 100% in what he did against the white farmers. When the Europeans sent election monitors to monitor the Zimbabwean elections they found extensive intimidation and many irregularities. The Europeans believed the election was stolen. But then Mbeki sent a South African team and they came back and declared (after some wrangling) that the Zimbabwean elections were free and fair! Thus we can see how Mbeki props up and helps Mugabe where he can. There was another instance, in 2000 where Mbeki “gave” Mugabe money. It was done in a strange way. South Africa “ordered” a great deal of produce from Zimbabwe. South Africa paid over tens of millions. Then, suddenly, the order was “cancelled” but Zimbabwe kept the money – and nothing further was said about it.

An ANC official then declared that there would not be the same problems with farmers here in South Africa because all the white farmers would be DEAD by then!

There is an ongoing and clandestine war against farmers in South Africa on a scale that is unbelievable. I have never obtained the exact statistics but thousands of farmers and their wives have been murdered – often in horrific ways. The international media say nothing about it – but its been going on ever since the ANC came into power and it keeps on getting worse.

It is common knowledge that South Africa’s crime rate is the highest in the world. But then a year ago, the ANC suddenly put a moratorium on the public release of all crime statistics. Mbeki falsely claimed recently that crime had gone down. It turns out that only the murder rate has dropped slightly. All other crimes have exploded by anything from 20% upwards. To date, no new statistics have been released. It was announced that soon, new statistics would indeed be made available. However, the ANC stated that the manner in which these statistics were compiled was “wrong” and that now they would be counting them “correctly!” So it would seem that we are about to have newer, Government fudged figures… Smells like a rat doesn’t it?

Well, there are lots of such things going on these days in the ANC dominated Government. Ministers tell outright lies, and this includes Mbeki himself. When Judge Heath obtained information that high-level government officials were involved in massive corruption in South Africa’s huge arms purchase, Mbeki went on TV and told the nation that he had fired Heath. Apparently, his action was illegal because Judge Heath had been appointed for a certain period of time. Furthermore, it turns out that a diagram, used by Mbeki, which he claimed originated from Heath, had actually been drawn by a journalist. The journalist owned up to this afterwards. The ANC has been engaging in a massive coverup of corruption over this questionable arms deal totalling R43 billion – the biggest arms purchase in South African history. No one knows why the ANC has spent this tremendous amount of money on arms we have no need for. What does the ANC know that we do not?

These Marxists, Mugabe & Mbeki, are making long-term preparations for a race war which they intend winning.

I do not believe that either of them were ever truly interested in a multiracial society unless the whites just kept their mouths shut. I believe that both Mbeki and Mugabe are irked by the ongoing white criticism of their (incompetant and corrupt) rule. The whites, being capitalist and westernised by nature, are constantly resisting black moves towards socialism and communism. This is irritating to these leaders. They are tiring of the whites.

I believe that the whites have also proven to be tougher than they ever believed. I believe these Marxists HOPED that the whites would flee the continent en masse when the blacks took over. But the whites did not. Many whites remain in spite of tremendous taxes and the most intrusive laws in the world. For example, all banks, stock brokers, employers, etc MUST report all payments of salaries, dividends, etc directly to the Revenue Service. If you have a bank account and earn interest on it, and do not declare it, then the Revenue Service will know about it and take legal steps against you. The Revenue Service has also begun monitoring EVERYTHING we own. If we buy a car or a house, they know about it. They are coming after us to strip us of what little we have.

I believe that the Government has deliberately created lax laws to encourage crime and to make it “hot” for the whites so that they would flee. They have succeeded to a great extent because whites have been fleeing from Africa since the 1960’s and these black leaders seem to have little interest in reversing the trend. I believe it is because they actually want the whites to leave. They would never dare admit this publicly, but I believe they quietly rejoice at this.

It has come to light that now South Africa is one of the foremost stop-overs for drug-trafficking in the world. Billions of rands worth of drugs pass through South Africa to North America and other destinations.

It has been said that white South Africans have the FASTEST FALLING STANDARD OF LIVING IN THE WORLD. This is because these Marxists are coming after us to strip us of all that we own.

Clearly, these Marxists, Mugabe and Mbeki have no idea how to actually fix the economy or to encourage investment so that black and white may live and prosper together. (This is also true of Sam Nujoma in Namibia). Their failed ideologies therefore leave them with only one option – to play the role of the Red Robin Hood. Since they are incapable of producing anything new they must therefore steal from the “rich” to give to the poor.

Land has been redistributed to blacks on big scale in both South Africa and Zimbabwe, and land claims are processed regularly. Whites have been fired from their jobs and racial quotas instituted. Companies pay huge fines if they do not have the right racial quota. Experienced people are sacked to make way for the inexperienced or even the downright incompetant merely because of racial quotas.

Nowadays in South Africa one finds whites sitting on street corners begging. Such is the lot we are heading for. Our hard times are coming.

This week I heard something else that really struck home to me. My Mother and I were chatting and she remarked that she heard something interesting from the old black man who helps in the garden from time to time. My Mother never discusses politics with him. However, last week he remarked that blacks have been hearing on the radio that the time is coming when the blacks will be able to take all the whites’ furniture, their houses and their cars! He remarked that the blacks have been talking among themselves and wondering how this is going to be achieved. He says that they are not exactly sure how it is going to happen, but they have faith that the Government knows what its doing.

Having heard of this, I will continue digging into it to try to find out how long the blacks have been told this. This is clearly happening on the black radio stations which are in their native languages. It seems as if Mbeki is sowing the seeds and preparing them for the big “Redistribution of White Wealth” – when, as before, the Red Robin Hood comes to steal from us to “give to the poor.”

As a final, and chilling thought, some months ago I wrote an article for WorldNetDaily describing the prophecies of the old Boer prophet, Van Rensburg. Van Rensburg died in 1926, but he predicted that the day would come when the blacks would rule South Africa. He predicted that all the whites would be driven out of Zimbabwe and they would flee to South Africa. He also predicted that the blacks in South Africa would eventually take EVERYTHING from us and try to kill us all. But, Van Rensburg predicted that they would not succeed and that we, the whites, would eventually take complete control of South Africa. According to him all these events will happen in an election year. The next election year in South Africa is: 2004.

Its all food for thought…


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Establishment Exploits OKC Bombing Victims To Push Extremist Threat Propaganda
Paul Joseph Watson
Monday, April 19, 2010

Bill Clinton, the Southern Poverty Law Center and almost the entire corporate media are not letting a good opportunity go to waste today – by dancing on the graves of 168 victims and exploiting the 15th anniversary of the false flag Oklahoma City Bombing to demonize their political enemies, the Internet, and anyone who dares to express dissent against the federal government.

The propaganda putsch coincides with FBI head Robert Mueller stating that right-wing extremist groups and anti-government militias now represent as big a terror threat as Al-Qaeda, as the whole apparatus of the war on terror is shifted to target Americans increasingly angry at the egregious corruption in government and the global economy as their standard of living plummets and their pension funds are under threat of seizure.

It also dovetails President Obama’s hyping last week of the threat posed by individuals acquiring nuclear weapons, a claim top nuclear experts like Henry Sokolski have derided as overstated and not based on any new intelligence.

Obama’s warning arrives shortly after FEMA was forced to scale back a simulated nuclear bomb attack by terrorists in Las Vegas that was set to involve 10,000 emergency responders, U.S. troops and officials in role playing exercises.

Former President Bill Clinton told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on Friday that he is worried rising anger at the federal government could lead to another OKC bombing, implying that people who use the Internet to express dissent will be to blame for the violence.

Clinton’s exploitation of the Oklahoma City bombing anniversary is being parroted across the establishment media as if it’s just a year or two since the attack on the Alfred P. Murrah building. Clearly, such intense coverage of an incident that took place fifteen years ago is being done to keep the heat on the millions of Americans who distrust the federal government in the continuing effort to portray them as domestic terrorists.

A key facet of this PR campaign is to reinforce the official story behind the Oklahoma City Bombing, that the attack was carried out by right-wing anti-government extremists and a similar tragedy could strike again unless the Internet is censored and Constitutionalists, tea party members, libertarians and anyone who expresses dissent are harassed and have their free speech revoked.

The top story on the SPLC’s website today also invokes the OKC bombing as a lesson through which to refocus attention on “right-wing extremists”.

“April 19 marks the 15th anniversary of the bombing of a federal building in Oklahoma City – the worst single act of domestic terrorism in our nation’s history and a grim reminder of the fruits of right-wing radicalism. The anniversary comes as the anti-government militia movement is experiencing a resurgence,” states the SPLC website.

There can be little doubt that the American people are being manipulated to accept the inevitability that right-wing militias and lone wolf extremists are preparing another attack, and that the culprit for the violence will be talk radio, the Internet, and the widespread dissent now being displayed against the federal government.

Don’t be surprised if the feds activate their networks of paid provocateurs and stooges to stage yet another false flag attack that will be used to silence the free speech of the government’s most prominent critics. [“If you want to identify the real rulers of any society, simply ask yourself this question: Who is it that I cannot criticize?” -Kevin Alfred Strom]

As part of this propaganda effort, MSNBC will today air “The McVeigh Tapes: Confessions of an American Terrorist,” where viewers will hear for the first time Timothy McVeigh admitting that he carried out the attack. What they won’t hear is McVeigh admitting, as he explained in a letter to his sister prior to the attack, that he was working at the behest of the federal government when he detonated the bomb that tore apart the Alfred P. Murrah building.

“In a Oct. 20 letter, McVeigh wrote his sister that he and nine other soldiers had been taken to a private intelligence briefing at Fort Bragg, where they were told they could be required to participate in government-sanctioned assassinations and government-sponsored drug trafficking,” reported the New York Times on July 1 1998.

In reality, as anyone who has done five minutes research into the OKC bombing will understand, the official story crumbles on the merest hint of casual examination.

While the media, the SPLC, the ADL and similar organizations are happy to play the Timothy McVeigh card over and over again, they are less enthusiastic to mention the fact that McVeigh planned his deadly assault on the Alfred P. Murrah building under the intimate direction of a high-level FBI official, according to McVeigh’s co-conspirator Terry Nichols, a claim voluminously backed up by a plethora of evidence that has been presented in court on several occasions.

The SPLC fear-mongering machine has long claimed the patriot movement is associated with white supremacists and militias and may engage in violence. In fact, there is plenty of evidence that the SPLC itself has “enabled” the miniscule […] white supremacist movement in order to magnify the ludicrous threat they claim these fringe groups pose.

In 2004, a declassified FBI memo obtained by an Oklahoma newspaper revealed that the SPLC had operatives inside the Identity settlement in Elohim City, Oklahoma. “References to an informant working for the SPLC at Elohim City on the eve of the Oklahoma City bombing raises serious questions as to what the SPLC might know about McVeigh’s activities during the final hours before the fuse was lit in Oklahoma City – but which the SPLC has failed to disclose publicly,” the Daily Gazette reported.

Fifteen years after the Oklahoma City Bombing, the establishment is using the same tactics in an effort to make history repeat itself, by obsessing about the supposed extremist threat, which is clearly part of an attempt to prod and provocateur any potential nutcases out there into convincing themselves to become the next Timothy McVeigh, if not merely a prelude to the government itself using patsies to carry out an attack as they did with McVeigh.

The salacious media storm surrounding “Jihad Jane” and the Hutaree militia is completely unjustified from an objective perspective and indeed, had these stories occurred when Bush was in office they wouldn’t have received one tenth of the attention.

No matter whether such terror plots are genuine or contrived, they only get press coverage when they complement the targeting of whichever group the establishment is trying to demonize at that particular time.

Consider the case of Joel Henry Hinrichs III, a young white man who killed himself on October 1, 2005 when he detonated a suicide bomb on the University of Oklahoma (OU) main campus just 200 yards west of Oklahoma Memorial Stadium, where 84,501 spectators were attending a football game.

This happened a few months after the 7/7 London bombings, which were blamed on radicalized Muslim terrorists. Merely because the media at that time was obsessed with demonizing Muslims as terrorists, the story received next to no attention. Imagine if a white American were to blow himself up in Oklahoma in 2010, do you think the media would be interested? The establishment only plays up terror plots when they feed into the agenda they are pursuing, which is a pretty big clue as to who is behind provocateuring such incidents in the first place.

While hyping the deadly threat posed by violent right-wing extremists, the government itself is paying people to pose as right-wing extremists and make violent threats.

Remember, it was the feds, paid for with your tax dollars, who directed phony right-wing radio host Hal Turner to make death threats against federal judges in Illinois and lawmakers in Connecticut.

The supposed white supremacist worked for the agency from 2002 until 2007. “His job was basically to publish information which would cause other parties to act in a manner which would lead to their arrest,” Michael Orozco told the Associated Press.

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Israel’s Declining Fertility Tied to Depleted Uranium Exposure
Tim King
April 14, 2010
Source: Salem-News.com

With the latest news, Israel may soon lose the need to create and seek out enemies; with a little help from the U.S. they did this to themselves.

(TEL AVIV / SALEM) – Israel’s population is facing a dire threat: a drastic depopulation, from the use of weapons that leave behind Depleted Uranium (DU). Depleted Uranium leads to the word Omnicidal, as DU kills everything in the food chain, everywhere the wind blows. Experts say the dramatic drop in Israel’s sperm count could eliminate their ability to reproduce.

Research by an Israeli doctor shows a significant drop in sperm count level and sperm motility among young Israeli soldiers in recent years. Sperm motility is the ability of sperm to move properly toward an egg.

It is attributed to the inhalation of DU aerosolized nano-particles; the dirty results of extra powerful weapons used by Israel and the U.S.

All of that military might as it turns out, could set the stage for a massive Israeli act of population suicide.

Round used by Israel during their 2006 attack on Hezbollah positions in Lebanon. Photo: Dexter Phoenix

A study by Dr. Ronit Haimov-Kokhman released in November, showed a 40-percent decline in the concentration of sperm cells in Israeli sperm donors from 2004 to 2008, compared to samples taken between 1995 and 1999.

Sperm banks in Israel are now reportedly turning away as many as two-thirds of potential donors, due to the low-quality sperm. In the past, around one-third of the potential donors were turned away.

According to Ofri Ilani’s article in Haaretz, Study: Quality of Israeli sperm down 40% in past decade:

“The research confirmed that in 10 years, the average concentration of sperm among donors declined from 106 million cells per cubic centimeter to 67 million per cubic centimeter. The rate of sperm motility has also declined: from 79 to 67 percent, although the profile of donors did not change over that period; they are still young, healthy and do not smoke.”[1]

Israeli tank. Photo: Dexter Phoenix

Haimov-Kokhman says the problem is not entirely unique; the quality of sperm has also declined in a number of Western countries. But in Israel he says, it has been particularly rapid.

“If we keep going at this rate, a decline of 3 million cubic centimeters of sperm cells per year, we’ll reach an average of 20 million in 2030. The World Health Organization defines this as fertility impairment.”

Questionitnow.com said this about the reported thousands of tons of nuclear waste in the form of armor piercing rounds, referred to as “depleted uranium” or “DU”, in the invasion of Iraq:

“The United States and Britain have gravely endangered not only the Iraqis and their own troops, but the entire world. In the first invasion, at least 320 tons of DU were exploded into Iraq, at least 1500 tons were blasted in the second illegal invasion.”[2]

They cite Professor Malcolm Hopper of the University of Sunderland in the U.K., whose extensive studies of health effects on British and U.S. soldiers who served in the Gulf War, shows as many as 21,000 U.S. Gulf War veterans have died, “due not just to DU exposure but to the astounding amounts of organophosphate (OP) poisoning from various toxins (or supposedly anti-toxins) given to the troops as ‘preventive’ medicine.”

This human and environmental disaster was reviewed by Bob Nichols, a correspondent with SFBayView who specializes in nuclear issues with an emphasis on the atmospheric contamination from Depleted Uranium. In the article PTSD, Infertility and Other Consequences of War, he discusses how Israel is likely to be depopulated soon[3].

Oregon National Guard soldiers patrol a building in Kabul, Afghanistan, that was destroyed by U.S. bombs. Everyone who served in these countries or visited them, was potentially subjected to DU contamination. Photo by Tim King.

“Israel falls within the region that has been dosed with depleted uranium [DU] [various kinds of munitions] in the West Asian theatre of war. DU kills people at genetic level.” A report by Dr. Ronit Haimov-Kokhman, which was debated in the Knesset, is cited in the report by Ofri Ilani.

Arun Shrivastava, a writer with the Centre for Research on Globalization, says this has been known for some time.

“Admiral Bhagwat and I made our presentations at GNDU, Amritsar, in April 2008, social workers among the audience came up and narrated some events that actually provide hard enough evidence of DU contamination the entire North-western India. There was a significant presence of top officers from the Indian Army.”

He says they are keenly aware of this silent weapon. “The security forces know what the American and NATO soldiers have done to South and West Asians.”

According to Shrivastava, contamination of the total Indian population stands at over 300 million; the total West and South Asian population affected stands at least 900 million, possibly more than a billion.

“None of these would complete their normal life. None of us will. This entire region will be depopulated which is what the PTBs have in mind and they have set in motion processes that can’t be stopped. No way,” Shrivastava said.

There is little question that this information has tremendous significance for the people of Palestine and Gaza, although these unfortunate people might end up the same way as the Israelis.

Dexter Phoenix also snapped this image of the rounds Israel’s military doesn’t want photographed.

Reports from other West Asian countries are identical, Shrivastava says, “Both US and NATO forces have committed genocide right in Asia. Our civilizations may never be the same, may not be viable.”

It is important to note how overlooked this significant world problem truly is, and how indicting it turns out to be. Shrivastava says it is also important to remember that the DU is a result of military activity that is illegal under international law.

“Please note that the use of WMD is war crime. There are cases pending under ICCA against three US Presidents and two British PMs and their entire cabinet. DU weapons are WMDs; they are weapons of indiscriminate destruction and environmental contamination….IN PERPETUITY.”

As Nichols states in his article, uranium oxide gas weapons are called “genocidal weapons.”

“They maim and kill millions of people, their animals and their land. The actual targets by the U.S. Expeditionary Forces are the populations of Central Asia and the Middle East, about a billion people.”

He reminds us that more than a million American servicemembers, thousands of contractors, and others, like journalists, have had their boots on the ground in Iraq and Afghanistan over the past several years, not to mention the thousands of people from other nations.

“The medical disability rate is over 60 percent and ‘PTSD’ is a common diagnosis. Soldiers from the United Kingdom, Germany and Italy report similar medical problems as well.”

According to figures cited in his article, a milligram (mg) of uranium oxide poison gas is roughly equal in size to one of the periods at the end of these sentences. When this is absorbed by Marines and soldiers, through their skin, no limit exists in regard to their exposure. It could range from to one milligram to a thousand.

Rosalie Bertell, Ph.D., GNSH said, “Each tiny milligram shoots about 1,251,000 powerful radioactive bullets a day with a range of about 20 cells of the human body for thousands or even billions of years.”

Dr. Bertell currently serves on a number of Pentagon radiation committees; she has been in this role for decades.

The worst part is that all of it has taken place under protest by activists, scientists, and defense experts. There has been no doubt in the minds of those who know, but their words have gone unheeded. Orders to use these internationally illegal weapons are made by presidential order in U.S. war zones.

Serious information at a serious time in history. It would truly be ironic if Israel’s military machine, so ruthlessly applied over the years on the Arab people, would render the population without the ability to reproduce.


[1] Study: Quality of Israeli sperm down 40% in past decade – By Ofri Ilani

[2] Weapons of Mass Destruction

[3] PTSD, infertility and other consequences of war – by Bob Nichols

Other relevant links:

CIA World Factbook

The Biology of Human Longevity: Inflammation, Nutrition, and Aging in the Evolution of Lifespans (Hardcover) Amazon.com

Tim King is a former U.S. Marine with twenty years of experience on the west coast as a television news producer, photojournalist, reporter and assignment editor. In addition to his role as a war correspondent, this Los Angeles native serves as Salem-News.com’s Executive News Editor. Tim spent the winter of 2006/07 covering the war in Afghanistan, and he was in Iraq over the summer of 2008, reporting from the war while embedded with both the U.S. Army and the Marines.

Tim holds numerous awards for reporting, photography, writing and editing, including the Oregon AP Award for Spot News Photographer of the Year (2004), first place Electronic Media Award in Spot News, Las Vegas, (1998), Oregon AP Cooperation Award (1991); and several others including the 2005 Red Cross Good Neighborhood Award for reporting. Serving the community in very real terms, Salem-News.com is the nation’s only truly independent high traffic news Website. You can send Tim an email at this address: newsroom@salem-news.com

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The startling failure on the part of law enforcement and mainstream news media, nationwide, to inform, and therefore equally protect, White citizens from potential threats of clearly racially-motivated mob/gang violence, ought to be taken dead seriously. In incident after bloody incident, the crucial factor of race in violent Black on White crime — both the race of the assailant(s) and the race of the victim(s) — is strategically glossed over if not wholly suppressed. This is vital data — data which might quite literally save lives — and it is knowingly, deliberately suppressed on a continual basis. The aggressors are vaguely, and rather misleadingly, referred to as “teens” or “youths.” Victims are referred to in the same grey language. Detroit Sheriff Mark Hackel reluctantly admits (further below) that Whites are “an unprotected class” with reference to equal protection under the law. I have little doubt that he might have spoken more freely on the subject if these were different times… But in this despicable age when Political Correctness trumps the supreme law of the land, job-security hangs in the balance each time one speaks candidly about race. The message ought ring increasingly clear, reader. We had better learn to protect ourselves and our loved ones. Self-reliance is the aim, and awareness is armament. -W.
Another Flash Mob Rocks South Street
Kitty Caparella & Stephanie Farr, Philadelphia Daily News, March 22, 2010

Business owners yesterday called on Mayor Nutter to stop “flash mobs” on South Street after patrons couldn’t shop, dine or get home on Saturday night because of the hordes of teens roaming the neighborhood.

Inspired by Twitter messages to “come to South Street,” police say hundreds—business owners say thousands—of young teens stampeded down South Street in waves, jumping on top of cars, knocking over pedestrians and fighting and cursing.


Saturday’s was the sixth flash mob to hit the city since last May: three on South Street; two in the Gallery, including one that spread to Macy’s; and one along Market Street East that spread to the area near City Hall.

Several store owners and managers documented the stampede with cell phones or store surveillance tape.

A pizza shop owner said that some in the mob were chanting, “Black Boys!” and “Burn the city.”

One youth was overheard on his cell phone saying: “Bring baseball bats to South Street.”


But the mood turned ominous as more and more teens showed up by 8 p.m. Between 9 and 10 p.m. the packed crowds reached a crescendo, according to police officials who deployed highway patrol, narcotics strike force and other units to assist officers on South Street. A parent, who had seen a text message or a post on Facebook, alerted police about the potential flash mob.


One armed owner, who showed the Daily News his gun permit, protected his business by standing outside with five assistants.

At Supper, a restaurant in the 900 block, bartender Kyle Fennie opened the locked door to let two woman customers out, but a mass of teens descended, and he let the women back inside. During a lull, he walked them to their cars.

About 10 p.m., police fanned out at either 2nd or 3rd Street and gradually moved the crowds west on South ot Broad. Kids started running at top speed, with some going around the block, and coming up behind the cops.

About 10:30 p.m. on South near 6th, Olympia Pizza II employee Seth Kaufman, 20, was in front of the pizza shop, trying to prevent kids from coming inside to fight with young customers who were eating.

As the crowd pushed the door to get inside, Kaufman pushed back. The crowd pushed again, and inside, the owners, 66-year-old Peter Psihogios, his wife, Harula, 58, and son Paul, 30, were pushing back on the store’s double glass doors to keep them shut.

Kaufman said that kids slugged him, and he slugged them back, and then he was jumped, with kids kicking and punching him until he fell.

The elder Psihogios tried to bring Kaufman inside, but he was punched in the head.

Kaufman has bruises all over his body from face to legs.

“He saved our establishment from them coming in,” said Paul Psihogios. “We owe him a lot of gratitude.”


Police said the incident was over by 1 a.m.

No property damage was reported but two juveniles and an adult were arrested in four incidents, police said. They included:

* About 11 p.m. a 27-year-old woman was walking on South near 15th when a large group of male and female juveniles ganged up on her, kicking and punching her until she fell to the ground, where they continued to kick her in the face and head. She was taken to Hahnemann University Hospital, where she was treated for bruises, abrasions and a large laceration on her upper lip. She has since been released. No arrests were made.



Flash Mob Victim’s Untold Story
By Alfred Lubrano
Source: www.Philly.com

A victim of Philadelphia’s March 20 flash mob, Anna Taylor was referred to in media reports only as the 27-year-old woman injured on South Street.

Little was known or said about her.

That will change Wednesday night, as people gather in a Frenchtown, N.J., restaurant for a benefit for Taylor, an uninsured waitress who faces $7,000 in medical and dental bills after being punched in the face by a youth still being sought by Philadelphia police.

Taylor, who is separated and lives in Chalfont with a son, 9, and a daughter, 3, said she has thought a great deal about the punch—“the shock,” “the blinding pain,” and “the heartbreak that a teenager hit me in the face for no reason.”

The blow that Taylor absorbed was so powerful that she lost a front tooth and its root, and the roots of nearby teeth still may die, her dentist told her. The punch also split her upper lip so severely that much of it was hanging from her face and she was unable to speak, Taylor said.

Taylor’s mother, Peggy, a Germantown social worker, said her daughter needed so many stitches inside and outside her mouth at Hahnemann University Hospital after the assault that “we just couldn’t count them.”

The mob took over South Street that warm Saturday night, the first of spring, as though popping up from nowhere, witnesses said. It seemed to be following the patterns of three similar mobs that had quickly assembled in Center City on March 3, Feb. 16, and Dec. 18.


[T]he young man who hit Taylor was laughing as he punched her and said, “Bam, there’s another one,” according to Taylor. “It was frightening.”

Taylor and her boyfriend, John Kemp, 35, had been walking about 10:20 p.m. on 15th Street between Kater and South Streets toward the Tritone bar to hear friends’ bands play there, Kemp said Tuesday night.

Kemp, a house painter from Warminster, was hit twice in the head by another young man, but did not suffer a serious injury, he said.

“The two of them thought punching us was funny,” Kemp said. “I don’t know what was in their heads to hit two people they didn’t know.”


Taylor’s attacker was described by Philadelphia Police Lt. Frank Vanore as an 18-year-old black male. The case is still active, he added.


As though echoing the social worker in her mother, Taylor said, “This is the worst part of it: that Philadelphia youth are doing this with their time. I’d like to see some help for these kids.”

Accustomed to visiting Philadelphia, Taylor said, “I’m trying not to allow this to change the way I think about the city. I don’t want to be afraid.”

Recently, Taylor returned to the city to hear Kemp play in a band. “I was scared,” she admitted. “But no one got hurt that night.”


Peggy Taylor said that her daughter, a size 2 who has lost 15 pounds since the attack, would require several surgeries and need a year to mend.

But, she added, “Our biggest concern is what direction Philadelphia’s children are getting. What is the world heading toward?

“My daughter will heal. She will repair in every way. But what will happen to these kids?”
Town Wraps Arms Around Victim of Flash Mob
By Freda R. Savana
The Intelligencer

After being attacked by a flash mob last month, Anna Taylor of Chalfont is getting help from friends and strangers alike.

FRENCHTOWN, N.J. – Until she offers her warm, soft smile, no one could know Anna Taylor suffered a brutal assault last month at the hands of a flash mob in Philadelphia.

With an empty space where one of her front teeth should be, the diminutive Chalfont woman recalled the balmy March 20 night when she and her boyfriend were walking down South Street to hear a friend’s band.

“There were a lot of kids, a lot, and we got uncomfortable,” said the 27-year-old Wednesday night, as the Frenchtown restaurant where she is a waitress filled with customers who came to help with her mounting medical bills.

“Within moments there were hundreds running in our direction. We were cornered into an area where there was construction by two guys,” remembered Taylor.

First, her boyfriend, John Kemp of Warminster, was punched twice in the head, suffering a concussion. Then she was hit in the face with a blow so punishing it tore her mouth apart and knocked out her front tooth and its root. The roots of several other teeth could also die, explained Taylor.

For the single, uninsured mother of a 9-year-old son and 3-year-old daughter, the $7,000 in medical bills is her newest fear.

But Taylor finds herself surrounded with two-fold support – the close-knit community of Frenchtown and the Lovin’ Oven, the restaurant where she’s worked for two years.

“There’s a lot of positive things coming out of this,” said Taylor. “The community is like a safety net,” she said, her hands forming a circle. “I feel fortunate to be a part of it.”

Lovin’ Oven owners, Julie Klein and Mike Quinn, are donating a percentage of Wednesday’s income to help Taylor with her costs. The wait staff kicked in all its tips and hourly employees contributed their wages. Frenchtown guitarist David Cahill provided the music.

Pat Klein, mother of Julie Klein, said she was moved by Taylor’s strength.

“I feel Anna is amazing. She’s so resilient.”

As word of the benefit spread through Facebook, Phoebe Lara, 25, said she showed up even though she doesn’t really know Taylor.

“I know what it’s like to not have health insurance. It adds a lot more stress to everything.” And, she, said, “I heard about these mobs and it’s very scary.”

Philadelphia police described Taylor’s attacker as an 18-year-old male, according to The Philadelphia Inquirer. The case is still active. Similar flash mobs caused mayhem in Center City on Dec. 18, and Feb. 16.

Freda R. Savana can be reached at 215-345-3061 or fsavana@phillyBurbs.com.

Don’t Ignore Racial Aspect of Plaza Mobs
Yael T. Abouhalkah, Kansas City Star, April 13, 2010

The out-of-control teens who terrorized parts of the Country Club Plaza Saturday night were mostly black youths.

Stating that factually disturbs some people, who would rather use euphemisms such as “urban” youth or some such words.


The kids who showed up Saturday night came from schools that included—but were not limited to—Raytown and Westport highs, according to police. Both schools have high populations of black students.


Why are the black kids going to the Plaza?

I certainly don’t have all the answers, but one obvious reason: That’s where the crowd of mostly white adults hangs out.

And the youth know their presence will be disturbing to people who aren’t used to seeing so many black kids in one place.


(Posted on April 14, 2010)
KC Police Brace for Return of Unruly Youths to Plaza
Christine Vendel and Joyce Smith, Kansas City Star, April 12, 2010

Kansas City police say they will be ready if hundreds of unruly youths show up again this weekend at the Country Club Plaza.

And they think that could happen.

“We’ve been getting information that they’ll be back again,” Capt. Donna Greenwell said.


Police Chief Jim Corwin said his staff planned to meet with the Plaza Merchant’s Association, NAACP and others to find the best solution. Police also want to educate parents that the Plaza isn’t suitable for unattended children to roam freely at night.


Greenwell said police were expecting trouble last weekend, but not of the magnitude that was delivered when as many as 900 juveniles swarmed the Plaza streets and sidewalks. Police think texting and social media played a role in the wave of youths.

Police had 21 extra officers in place Saturday beyond the usual number of officers and Plaza security guards, but they were quickly outnumbered.

The youths “were destroying property, pushing people as they walked down the sidewalk and spitting on people,” Greenwell said. “It was just mass chaos and mayhem.”

Greenwell said she thought the youths showed up to cause problems.


Youths maliciously pushed a high school student wearing her prom dress into a restaurant patio fountain. Other youths knocked down, beat up and robbed a Grandview couple, stealing her purse and his eyeglasses.

A fight in a parking lot left a 16-year-old boy with a broken jaw and serious head injuries.

Juveniles approached diners on the patio of the Cheescake Factory who had to-go boxes and grabbed the food, tossing the boxes into fountains, police said.

Police said they noticed a “mass exit” of paying customers from the Plaza about 10 p.m.


Earlier problems

A growing number of youths had begun loitering on the Plaza in recent weeks with trouble erupting Easter weekend.

Police estimated 300 to 500 youths gathered April 3, caused fights and displayed gang signs. Police used pepper spray to break up several fights. Officers arrested a 17-year-old in a car with a gun.


Police said they also learned last week that youths were using social media Web sites to organize and encourage friends to gather Saturday night on the Plaza. They heard Saturday morning from some area high school officials that there might be trouble on the Plaza.

The department sent additional officers to the Plaza about 6 p.m. Saturday to break up any gatherings of youths before they got too big. But as the night went on, the crowd of kids, mostly ages 11 to 17, swelled.

Then about 200 to 300 juveniles left the theater and were joined by other youths who were either dropped off by parents or arrived by bus.

Fights and stampedes

Fights broke out, youths stampeded down the streets, and groups blocked entrances and exits to businesses, police said. A 16-year-old girl suffered abrasions when she was trampled during one stampede.

At Pennsylvania Avenue and Nichols Road, the Grandview couple, in their 20s, said a group of 15 young males accosted them and knocked a cup of coffee out of the woman’s hand. The juveniles hit the woman, knocking her to the ground. They stole her purse and kicked and punched the man until the woman threw herself on top of him to protect him. The man suffered minor cuts and swelling, police said.

People could not walk down the sidewalk, and traffic could not flow because of the crowds. The horse carriage ride that operates on the Plaza had to shut down.

Police arrested a 15-year-old boy after he lifted up his shirt and showed what appeared to be a gun to various teenagers across the street with whom he was arguing. Police recovered a toy gun from the boy’s waistband.

Some youths grabbed flowers and tried to ruin landscaping, police said.


Police said a large fight broke out in the Winstead’s parking lot and officers found a teen lying on the asphalt with a large bruise to his forehead and side of his head. He could barely speak. They think the victim was hit in the head with a pipe.


In addition to the crimes police observed, they received about 35 calls for help, mostly for disturbances and fighting.



Kansas City police weren’t calling Saturday night’s mayhem a “Flash mob,” which is a mass gathering organized through texting and social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

But flash mobs have caused problems in some cities.

Generally, flash mobs have been used in other cities to spur public-art performances, fundraising efforts, marketing ploys, sporting events and other community activities.




So what else isn’t the mainstream news media telling us? Source of all articles above: American Renaissance.

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Pat Buchanan is Censored by Human Events
by Kevin MacDonald
Source: The Occidental Observer

Web Note: I was hoping someone would take the time to go through the Human Events version of Pat’s column, just to find out what they didn’t want the American people to read. What did PJB write that was so offensive, so verboten, that they were compelled to delete nearly 50% of his column? Kevin gives us the scoop.

Pat Buchanan is a national treasure — by far the most articulate and sensible spokesman in the mainstream media — or at least close to it — for a wide range of issues, from immigration, to economic nationalism, to foreign policy issues. Unfortunately, his exposure in the MSM seems to be on the wane. He still appears on the McLaughlin Group, but his former base at MSNBC has disappeared, and his exposure in the major newspapers seems non-existent. I can remember in the 1990’s when he was a regular on the LA Times op-ed page, which seems inconceivable now. (There was an LA Times column he did on the Frankfurt School at a time when I was starting to research Jewish intellectual movements. After reading his account of how the Frankfurt School undermined the family, I thought that there might be a Jewish story there. Not a bad guess. The Frankfurt School was labeled a “Jewish sect” by Gershon Scholem, and the Frankfurt School became the subject of Ch. 5 of The Culture of Critique and much subsequent writing. Thanks Pat.) Not surprisingly, Buchanan has a very long rap sheet at the ADL.

Buchanan’s latest article, “The Poodle Gets Kicked,” on the Biden visit to Israel will do nothing to endear him to the ADL. Buchanan makes an excellent case on the absurdity of supposing that US and Israeli interests are identical. The interesting thing is that the version that appeared on the Human Events website was about half the length of the original. (See “Human Events Censors Pat Buchanan’s Latest Column” at Buchanan.org). Linda Muller, who runs Buchanan.org, suggests that this is the result of neocon censors at Human Events, and notes that the revised version leaves out any mention of AIPAC or the USS Liberty incident.

It should surprise no one that Human Events would be involved in such a clumsy version of censorship. These are the people who fired Kevin Lamb after a phone call from the SPLC. (See Lamb’s VDARE article, “The Leftward Course Of Human Events.“)

The Human Events censor seems to have been motivated to expunge statements implying extreme groveling by Biden, as in his ridiculous statement “Progress occurs in the Middle East when everyone knows there is simply no space between the United States and Israel.” Of course, the opposite is the case. Israel can stall peace talks forever without having to worry that the US will do anything about it. Biden should have a special place in George Orwell’s Hall of Fame.

The censor also expunged the most egregious examples where Israel has demonstrated quite clearly that it has always pursued its own interests even when they conflict with US interests — not only in the USS Liberty case, but also stealing uranium during the JFK administration, transferring US technology to China, and spying on the US. (Buchanan was being kind by only mentioning Pollard; there are many more examples; see here and here.) The Israeli policy of ethnic cleansing on the West Bank and Jerusalem is therefore part of a long list of areas where Israel refuses to go modify its goals by listening to its poodle. Why should it? Nobody cares what poodles think.

The following is Buchanan’s entire column with the censored parts in bold print.

Actually, Joe set himself up. From the moment he set foot on Israeli soil, our vice president was in full pander mode.

First, he headed to Yad Vashem memorial, where he put on a yarmulke and declared Israel “a central bolt in our existence.”

“For world Jewry,” Joe went on, presumably including 5 million Americans, “Israel is the heart. … Israel is the light. … Israel is the hope.”

Meeting Shimon Peres the next day, Joe confessed that when he first visited at age 29, “Israel captured my heart.”

In Peres’ guestbook, he wrote, “The bond between our two nations has been and remains unshakeable.”

He then told Peres and the world, “There is absolutely no space between the United States and Israel when it comes to Israel’s security.”

As Peres spoke, Biden took notes. When Peres called him “a friend,” Joe gushed, “It’s good to be home.”

Even at AIPAC, they must have been gagging.

Walking around the corner to Prime Minister Netanyahu’s office, Joe called him by his nickname, “Bibi,” declared him a “real” friend and said the U.S. relationship with Israel “has been and will continue to be the centerpiece of our policy.”

Then the sandbag hit.

Interior Minister Eli Yishai announced construction of 1,600 new apartment units in Arab East Jerusalem. Stunned and humiliated, Biden issued a statement saying he “condemned” the decision.

He then retaliated by coming late to dinner at Bibi’s house.

Netanyahu has apologized for the timing, but they are going ahead with the apartments. What are the Americans going to do about it? At this point, nothing but bluster.

Indeed, a day later, at Tel Aviv University, Joe was back at it: “(T)he U.S. has no better friend … than Israel.”

On his departure for Jordan, Ha’aretz reported that Israel plans to build 50,000 new homes in East Jerusalem over the next few years.

Biden may feel he was played for a fool, and Americans may feel jilted, but we got what grovelers deserve. And if we wish to understand why the Arabs who once respected us now seem contemptuous of us, consider that battered-spouse response to a public slap across the face.

Consider also the most remarkable statement of Biden’s first 24 hours.

“Progress occurs in the Middle East when everyone knows there is simply no space between the United States and Israel.”

Biden is saying we are a more effective force for Mideast peace in a region where Arabs outnumber Israelis 50 to one if everyone knows we sing from the same song sheet as Israel and have no policy independent of Israel’s.

How can America be seen as an honest broker between Arabs and Israelis if there is “no space” between America and Israel?

Even with the closest ally in our history, Britain in World War II, there was space between Winston Churchill and FDR on where to invade — North Africa, Italy, France, the Balkans? — whether to beat Stalin to Berlin, Prague and Vienna, who should be supreme allied commander, even whether the British Empire should survive.

Israel keeps its own interests foremost in mind, and when these dictate actions inimical to U.S. interests, Israel acts unilaterally. David Ben-Gurion did not seek Dwight Eisenhower’s permission to attack Egypt in collusion with the French and British in 1956, enraging Ike.

Israel did not consult JFK on whether it could steal enriched uranium from the NUMEC plant in Pennsylvania for its atom bomb program.

Israel did not consult us on whether it could attack the USS Liberty in the Six-Day War, or suborn Jonathan Pollard to loot our security secrets, or transfer our weapons technology to China. They went ahead and did it, knowing the Americans would swallow hard and take it.

Ehud Olmert did not consult President-elect Obama on whether to launch a war on Gaza and kill 1,400 Palestinians. Nor did Netanyahu consult us before Mossad took down the Hamas minister in Dubai.

What Netanyahu and Yishai are telling Obama with their decision to keep building on occupied land is, “When it comes to East Jerusalem and the West Bank, we decide, not you.”

And if Netanyahu has jolted Joe and others out of their romantic reveries about Israel, good. At least now we no longer see as through a glass darkly.

Israeli and U.S. interests often run parallel, but they are not the same. Israel is concerned with a neighborhood. We are concerned with a world of 300 million Arabs and a billion Muslims. Our policies cannot be the same.

If they are, we will end up with all of Israel’s enemies, who are legion, and only Israel’s friends, who are few.

And if our policy and Israel’s are one and the same, the Arab perception will be what it is today — that America cannot stand up to Israel, even when her national interests command it.

Joe’s performance before he got the wet mitten across the face only underscored the point: The mighty superpower is a poodle of Israel.
Look at this treacherous, groveling scoundrel. How low can one go?


Humiliating America
by Eric Margolis – EricMargolis.com
March 17th, 2010

Israel’s hard right knows that the one sure way of thwarting any possible peace with the Palestinians is to keep annexing East Jerusalem and squeezing out its Arab population. Some of these activities are even financed by American tax-free charities….

After the astounding humiliation of Vice President Joseph Biden by Israel’s rightwing government, that nation’s premier newspaper, “Ha’aretz,” cited an old Hebrew saying, `Biden had to wipe spit off his face and say it was only rain.’

Before arriving in Israel, Biden had repeated President Obama’s demand that Israel cease building new housing in East Jerusalem, which violates international law and decades of UN resolutions. Washington and the EU have repeatedly asked Israel to cease most building activity in the occupied West Bank.

Shortly before Biden arrived at an intimate dinner hosted by Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel dropped a bombshell: it would build 1,600 new housing units in East Jerusalem. Some reports in Israel said thousands more are planned on the West Bank and Golan.

All the humiliated Biden managed to do to express his anger was to arrive an hour and a half late for Bibi’s dinner.

What a pathetic, cowardly response. Biden should at least have gotten on his plane and flown home. A great power cannot afford to lose face like this.

Biden’s humiliation showed the unprecedented influence that Israel’s rightwing government holds over Washington and made a mockery of the endless talks about Arab-Israeli “peace.”

The Biden fiasco also delivered another body blow to the wobbling Obama administration.

Netanyahu’s insult was so stinging, that even Israel’s point-woman in the administration, Hillary Clinton, who waits in the wings to replace a fallen Obama, was forced to blast the Israelis. But, of course, everyone knew this was mere political theater. Israel may announce a brief delay in colonization, then go right on gobbling up the West Bank and Golan.

How the mighty have fallen. In 1956, Israel colluded with Britain and France to attack Egypt. Israel occupied the Sinai Peninsula. President Dwight Eisenhower ordered Israel to get out of Sinai without delay or face a total cutoff of aid and diplomatic support – or even face a military response. Israel got out.

Adding to the black comedy, Israel’s hard-line interior minister apologized for authorizing illegal colonization while Biden was in town and promised not to do it again – when Biden was next in Israel that is. As Washington stamped its foot in impotent fury, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu made the mocking excuse that the announcement had been a mistake of timing.

This pathetic episode shows Israel’s right wing has Washington in its pocket.

And why not. The Israel lobby had forced candidate Obama to promise that if elected, he would never press Israel into a peace settlement. Congress has become more attuned to Israel’s needs than Israel’s own Knesset. The US is inching towards war with Iran.

Israel contemptuously scorned Obama’s calls for it to cease colonizing the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem, and withdraw its 500,000 settlers, many of whom are Americans and Russians.

Netanyahu even denounced senior Obama aides David Axelrod and Rahm Emanuel as “self-hating Jews” for opposing Israel’s expansionist policies as injurious to America’s strategic interests.

The Obama administration’s humiliation by Israel is having loud repercussions in Washington. Staunchly pro-Israel Republicans are elated over Obama’s failure, the latest sign of presidential weakness.

Israel and just about everyone in Washington knows that Obama would not now dare to challenge Israel’s many supporters in the US Congress, or enrage Israel’s powerful American lobby when his administration is floundering and mid-term elections are on the political radar.

The Republican Party is firmly in the grip of Protestant fundamentalists who believe an expanding Israel is an essential part of their faith. Many Republicans mistakenly believe that Obama is an Arab.

Israelis understand that the White House has to pretend to rebuke Israel in order to maintain good relations with its Arab allies, reassure them over the supposed Iranian threat, and pretend the US-backed Palestinian authority of Mahmoud Abbas has legitimacy.

Biden’s humiliation was shared by the hapless Abbas, who was just tiptoeing under US prodding into more useless `indirect’ negotiations with Israel. He was left looking confused, helpless and ever more so an American-Israeli puppet. The useless Arab league huffed and puffed. Back to square one.

That suited Israel’s Netanyahu just fine. Israel is relentlessly gobbling up the West Bank and East Jerusalem. Its policy is to keep talking and stalling until there is nothing left to negotiate. The only power that can stop Israel’s colonization campaign that is destabilizing the Mideast and bringing the threat of war with Iran, Syria and Lebanon, is the United States….

Read more at EricMargolis.com

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Academic Left Opposes Free Speech, Academic Freedom and the Legitimate Interests of White Americans
By Kevin MacDonald
Updated: Tuesday, February 23, 2010
Source: www.Daily49er.com

For nearly four years the Cal State Long Beach community has seen repeated attacks on me. Powerful activist organizations — the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Anti-Defamation League — have come to campus to condemn me. Several departments at the university have issued public denunciations, and I have been harassed and condemned by individual professors on faculty e-mail lists. Beginning with the current semester, several students have disrupted my classes; they have campaigned to get me fired and have written inflammatory articles in the Daily 49er.

Why all this hostility? Fundamentally, I am attacked because I advocate ideas that fly in the face of the conventional wisdom as seen by the academic left that has come to dominate the university.

First and foremost, I am an evolutionary psychologist. On the basis of my understanding of the theory and research in this field, my view is that everyone has ethnic interests — including people of European descent. A great many other identifiable groups in multicultural America have a strong sense of ethnic identity and interest. Quite a few departments on this campus are devoted to strengthening the ethnic identity of non-whites and articulating their interests. But explicit expressions of white European-American identity and interests are condemned as indicating moral turpitude or even psychiatric impairment.

This is a completely unnatural state of affairs — the result of a prolonged assault on the legitimacy of these concepts by politically and ethnically motivated elites that have dominated public discourse on issues of race and ethnicity since before World War II and especially since the 1960s.

I reject labels such as “white supremacist” or “racist” that are routinely bestowed on assertions of white identity and interests as a means of muzzling their expression. Non-Western peoples throughout the world continue to seek political power, and they attempt to control their borders, establish their own cultures and defend their perceived interests. No one would claim that Korea, say, has a moral obligation to import millions of non-Koreans or to change their culture so that the traditional people and culture are pushed aside. Many countries, including Mexico, have excluded immigrants and dealt with them harshly. Israel not only has an identity as a Jewish state, it also rigorously enforces a biological conception of Jewishness as the basis of its immigration policy. Israel has erected an apartheid society on the West Bank and has discriminatory policies against its Palestinian minority within Israel.

Nevertheless, as Joel Kotkin points out in his recent book “The Next Hundred Million”, the U.S. stands poised to add 100 million non-whites by 2050, making the current white majority into a minority and implying a dramatic decline in their political and cultural influence.

Whether explicitly or implicitly, ethnostates are the norm throughout the world. Societies in Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand that have been controlled by whites for hundreds of years are the only ones to accept the idea that the ethnic majority has a moral imperative to cede power and become a minority. I view this outcome as the result of competition over the construction of culture in which the legitimate interests of Whites have been compromised. My scholarly book, “The Culture of Critique: An Evolutionary Analysis of Jewish Involvement in Twentieth-Century Intellectual and Political Movements” (1998), and much of my subsequent writing, are an attempt to determine how this unnatural state of affairs came about.

The big picture is that the left championed the interests of the working and middle classes of pre-1965 America. Since that time, the left has been strongly identified with massive non-white immigration and multiculturalism — policies that have compromised the interests of the working and middle classes of traditional America, black and white alike.

My main concern is that this upheaval opposes the legitimate interests of the European-descended peoples of the U.S. It’s not about hatred. It’s about seeing legitimate conflicts of interest among different ethnic groups. I was a staunch leftist as a young person. But it’s obvious that the left now stands for policies that are radically opposed to the interests of people like me.

As part of this revolution against pre-1965 America, the left has erected a culture of political correctness in which expressions of ethnocentrism by Europeans are proscribed. Organizations such as the SPLC and the ADL seek to stifle free speech by condemning any hint of ethnocentrism by Europeans — and only Europeans.

Because their point of view is intellectually bankrupt and cannot be rationally defended, the left has repeatedly resorted to force to accomplish its goals. Many European countries and Canada have savage legal penalties that enforce intellectual conformity on these issues. In America the sanctions are more informal — but nevertheless similarly effective. The condemnations of my writing and my affiliations by academic departments, professors and students at Cal State Long Beach are a part of this campaign to shut down free speech on these issues and to make my life as difficult as possible.

America and other Western societies stand to lose much as a result of these transformations. Harvard sociologist Robert Putnam has shown that increasing ethnic diversity lowers the willingness to contribute to charity or to public goods such as, apropos the current national debate, public health care. Ethnic diversity also increases social isolation and lowers trust both within and between races; it also lowers political participation and lessens confidence in political leaders.

Throughout the world, ethnically diverse societies are marked by ethnic conflict. The bottom line is that no one has come up with a formula to get rid of ethnicity as a form of identity and as a vehicle of expressing interests. None seems on the horizon. My vision of the future of Western societies is that they are well on the road to becoming cauldrons of competing ethnic groups, with chronic divisions over issues like affirmative action, redistribution of wealth and the establishment of public goods like health care — any issue that may be seen as benefiting one ethnic group more than another. In the long run, democratic forms of government and the rule of law are threatened.

An early sign of this dystopian future is that American politics have become increasingly racialized. The Republican Party routinely receives roughly 90 percent of its votes from whites, while overwhelming majorities of non-whites identify with the Democratic Party. There is a palpable rage building in America among the tea partiers and working and middle-class white Americans who want something like the America they grew up in. These people are being pushed out economically and politically. They are less able to avoid the costs of multiculturalism: They can’t move to gated communities or send their children to all-white private schools. Their unions have been destroyed and their jobs either shipped overseas or performed by recent immigrants, legal and illegal.

Despite what some of my critics have claimed, I have never advocated violence as a solution to the rapidly diminishing prospects of non-elite white Americans. But we are clearly headed into very dangerous times.

Kevin MacDonald is a psychology professor at CSULB and a member of the American Third Position party.

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Anti-White Crusader Tim Wise

It’s Not the Arguments
By Alex Kurtagic
February 22, 2010

Looked at from a purely rational perspective, it seems incredible that, despite maintaining a sensible position, deploying logical arguments, and having the data on our side, when it comes to the small matter of White people’s right to exist, we find ourselves fighting a losing battle. How can this be? The simple answer is that in attempting to win a debate “scientifically”, the White advocacy movement has been concentrating its efforts on aspects of the debate that are, ultimately, comparatively unimportant. The triumph of the Left during the 20th century has proven conclusively that having a sensible position, logical arguments, and a mass of substantiating data is not what wins a debate: They have none of these and yet it is the Left who occupies the positions of power, who comprise the established order, and whose ideas enjoy the status of legitimate orthodoxy. The reason is that the Left, for all its abstract theory and its idealized conceptions of humanity, not only understands human nature as well as the best sociobiologist, but also knows better than we do how to apply — and are indeed more ruthless in applying — that knowledge to achieve practical aims. The Left understands that humans are more strongly motivated by status than by rational persuasion, and that, therefore, it is status that offers the key to winning a debate, not science or logic or reasonableness: They know that an argument linked to high status will succeed, while one linked to low status — no matter how correct — will fail.

Sigmund Freud: although a fraud, his status was assiduously cultivated. Images of Freud are calculated to signal his eminence. His terminology has become part of everyday parlance

The irony is what the authors on our side have known this for decades, as the process is explained in the scientific literature that informs their writing and general worldview. Status is a cultural invention that responds to a biological need to maximise life chances and reproductive success. Status signifies power, for status both derives it and confers it, and power affords access to resources. The greater the power, the greater the access to more and better resources. Included among the latter is, of course, women. The evolutionary explanation of sexual selection in humans is that females will tend to be drawn to powerful, high status males, as power and status are indicators of fitness, and mate quality. In complex societies this primal process is sublimated in many different ways, and becomes encoded in social norms, social organization, institutions, and so forth. Often, the process will become obscured, even distorted, by intellectual activity. But it is always there, underlying the entire structure of society, language, and knowledge.

Of course, the Left did not always enjoy high status. They were fiercely persecuted by a conservative, elitist establishment that sought to ban, criminalize, and suppress their ideas. Unfortunately, that establishment suffered from the common human malady of egotism and short-sightedness, while the Left benefited not only from their pitiless revolutionary energy, but also from gifted intellectuals who found the way to exploit the characteristics of Western culture to advance the Leftist cause.

It is difficult to portray Susan Sontag in a flattering manner. Nevertheless, images of she who once said “the white race is the cancer of human history” convey status and prestige: she is photographed against book-lined walls, often deep in thought; her younger and older portraits are highly stylised, and she appears serious, distant, iconic.

The Left relied heavily on a very elaborate body of theory, which, because of its radical aims, on the surface differs greatly from that upon which the Left’s inegalitarian opponents tend to rely. Yet, a close study of Leftist theories uncovers surprisingly numerous correspondences of insight between the egalitarian and the inegalitarian factions. The former’s recipes for solving world problems may differ, the former’s concepts and terminology may differ, and the former’s explanations may differ. But when it comes to human nature and the order of things, a number of fundamental verities are found in common with the inegalitarian view beneath the masses of verbiage. That the Left share a number of our key insights with regards to humans and human societies is silently but eloquently demonstrated by the Leftists’ typical choice of neighbourhood: They tend to preach multiculturalism, yet live in all-White communities.

This alone would have been insufficient to guarantee the triumph of the Left. There is no doubt that they benefited from events not entirely in their control, such as the outcome of a number of European wars. However, there is also no doubt that they fought a degenerate establishment: where the conservative, elitist establishment was egotistical, short-sighted, and focused on the past, the radical Left was idealistic, long-sighted, and focused on the future. Antonio Gramsci’s “march through the institutions” did not assume thinking in terms of the next quarterly profit report or the next general election.

Once the Left began gaining acceptability and ascending in status, Leftist activists and intellectuals devoted a great deal of effort to the conferring of social prestige to their luminaries, their vision, and their ideals, while disprivileging — radically critiquing — the luminaries, the traditions, and the ideals of the establishment they sought to replace. In other words, they waged a war of status, and if they became proficient debaters and persuaders in the media, in universities, or in the political campaign trail, they remained focused on the status of their opponents and their opponents’ ideas. Hence, the liberal use by the Left of degrading, shut-up words like “racist”, “Nazi”, and “anti-Semite”; the creation of negative White identities in educational textbooks; and the outrageous promotion of anti-White stereotypes in advertisement and Hollywood films. These words, identities, and stereotypes do not constitute evidence or logical proof of anything: They are simply an attack on an opponent’s status.

The Case of Kevin MacDonald

The $PLC’s campaign against Kevin MacDonald is well known in White advocacy circles. Is it a surprise, then, given what has been said above, that said campaign has focused purely on his status of university professor? It will be noted that Professor MacDonald’s opponents have been less worried about his theory of Judaism as a group evolutionary strategy than about his professional position and title. It will be noted also that the generalized refusal to debate Professor MacDonald is based on the fear that the latter’s status may be enhanced by (a) his being attacked by, or pitted against, a prestigious opponent; (b) his putting himself across as an honest, sensible, and intelligent academic; (c) his proving to have a charismatic or sympathetic character; and (d) his being successful. They fear this because they know that the data are too abundant and complex for most laymen to be able accurately to evaluate it: Sides on a debate are chosen usually on the basis of who the spectator would rather associate with; and, for all practical purposes, the side that is right on a debate is the side that looks better and makes the spectator feel better about himself. A professorship tends to make a spectator more receptive, as an argument articulated by a professor then appears to emanate from an authoritative, high-status source, which in turn infuses the argument with high status. Adopting the intellectual positions of high-status individuals is a proxy method for laymen to signal their own high status.

Kevin MacDonald: the enemy have attacked his status — never sought to debate him.

The ideal outcome for Professor MacDonald’s detractors would be, therefore, to have him fired. Their main source of frustration is the fact that his tenured status protects him from their politically motivated efforts to silence him. (That is what tenure was meant to do, incidentally). And as long as he continues to hold the title of tenured professor, employed by a large state university, enjoying a middle class lifestyle, residing in a respectable part of town, and having high status friends and associates, Kevin MacDonald cannot be dismissed as a crank, a conspiracy theorist, a dysfunctional reprobate, an idiot, or a paranoid nut.

Unable to have him fired and relegated to the dole queue, Professor MacDonald’s enemies have, consequently, attempted to undermine his personal status by traducing him in the media, embarrassing his employers, scaring his colleagues, and sowing antagonism and distrust among his students. Professor MacDonald’s enemies hope that if they create around him visible signs of marginalization and ostracism, of his having a low social status, his ideas will become déclassé, and will therefore scare people off associating themselves with them. No one wants to be scorned.

Professor MacDonald has combated these efforts by defending his position as well as going on the offensive, and escalating that offensive each time his opponents have renewed their campaign against him. His courage and fortitude in the face of adversity, being admirable and difficult qualities, have largely frustrated his attackers. Indeed, judging from the ever-growing internet traffic passing through his website, and the fact that he has even been immortalized in popular fiction, he appears to have increased his readership and support base, and therefore his status as a man. No doubt Professor MacDonald’s enemies are exasperated by his energy. So they should. Personally, I enjoy imagining their fury as they notice how his website thrives, publishing ever more articles, by ever more authors, at an ever increasing pace, to an ever growing audience; I enjoy imaging their banging their heads against stone walls, over and over again, until their foreheads crack open and bleed, as they see their anti-MacDonald campaigns backfire; I enjoy imagining them blasted into lunacy every time they see The Occidental Observer disseminating information they would rather suppress, in articles that bear hallmarks of high social status: erudition, sophisticated syntax, educated diction, tasteful style, and nuanced argumentation.

Money Matters

Professor MacDonald’s The Occidental Observer does occupy a unique place on the internet. It has attracted a high quality roster of authors and it has consistently presented an intelligent alternative perspective to current social, cultural, and political issues and events. But this alone is not enough. While it is true that the information and arguments presented on this website are as accessible to the cybernaut as the disinformation and sophistry presented on establishment internet media, more important than the accessibility and the quality of the information and the arguments is the ability to confer upon these an aura of prestige — the ability to present them in a manner that signals high social status. If the reason we have failed to make progress despite having the arguments and the data on our side is the fact that our side has overlooked the truly crucial role of status, then it is clear that a focus on projecting an aura of prestige while undermining that of the enemy ought to be one of the keys to success. Nothing succeeds like success, the saying goes.

This, however, requires funds.

Modern technology makes it possible for The Occidental Observer to be run on a shoestring, so long as the authors and the technical personnel are able and in a position to donate their labor. I believe that all of them are willing to continue to do so. There comes a point, however, when, in order to take things to the next level, and increase the website’s effectiveness as a weapon of cultural war, additional resources are needed. Establishment internet media typically boast cutting-edge design and features; they run dozens of articles on a daily basis; they are able to pay, and therefore attract and employ, the best, the most ambitious, and the most talented writers; they are fully interactive; they are able to attract corporate advertisers and sponsors, and charge top dollar for a collection of pixels; and they are able to fully staff their operation with the qualified specialists that make it all run smoothly and seamlessly.

1925 Rolls Royce Phantom

All of this both derives from, and confers power to, establishment internet media, enabling them to attract and hold the attention of millions of readers, whose opinions and attitudes they form on a daily basis, year after year, decade after decade. “It was published in mainstream sources,” a reader will often say, knowing that the prestige of establishment media is sufficient to cause the average interlocutor to believe the information. If we are going to do more than bemoan the power of the establishment media, we have to raise our game and compete on the same level. Otherwise, the public will continue to see us as marginal, unimportant, fringe, weird, low status, embarrassing, and best avoided. This is why the Left wages a war of status: by preventing dissidents from attaining qualifications or obtaining gainful employment, and by stripping qualified and gainfully employed dissidents of their sources of status, they limit dissidents’ access to power, and therefore to the resources they need to wage a decisive war.

I have argued before that intellectual honesty is only possible where there is financial security and independence. There are millions of people out there, including thousands of highly accomplished writers and professionals, who privately agree, or at least sympathize, with the positions argued on this website. Most dare not make their opinions public, because they fear that associating themselves with obviously disprivileged ideas may lead to loss of employment and therefore to loss of status. An enormous amount of talent is being wasted this way — wasted, because it is not being put in the service of a good cause (our cause), and is, by default, put in the service of a bad one (the enemy’s cause). If we are to change this, we have to make our side financially secure and financially independent.

Reliable access to funds would make it possible to improve the design of this website (a professional design firm could be hired); it would make it possible to add a variety of modern, interactive features that would keep visitors interested for longer, such as video and audio; it would make it possible for Kevin to give his writers added financial independence (I have my own business ventures, so I do not need to write under a pseudonym, but others do not have that luxury, and yet others will not write even under a pseudonym); it would make it possible for Kevin to hire one or two staff, who can assist him with editorial and other tasks, freeing time for him to devote to writing and campaigning; it would make it possible to line up an able successor (the editor is already 66); it would make it possible to attract new writers and, in time, even create career opportunities, like analogous mainstream websites. Would it not be nice to have a journalistic career where you get paid to kick the enemy and make him squeal day after day? Where pounding the enemy and exposing his perfidy leads to a nice car and a huge house and awards and a high quality mate? (That is how the Left lives! They have it good.)

Most importantly in relation to my discussion of status, it would make it possible for this website not only to be important, but to look important, thus conferring added legitimacy and prestige to our side of the cultural argument. Consider that a great number of those visiting a website will stay for less than one second: it takes that long for them to make up their minds. Status is apprehended very rapidly. From this it follows that whatever those visitors see during that fraction of a second is absolutely vital. Let us not look like losers for lack of pennies. Let us look like winners, and make mainstream types look up at us and drool with envy, and exclaim to themselves, their eyes rolling out of their sockets, “WHOA… I want to be like them!”

The enemy would really hate that.

Alex Kurtagic (email him) was born in 1970. He is the author of Mister (published by Iron Sky Publishing, 2009) and the founder and director of Supernal Music.
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