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The Beast as Saint: The Truth About Martin Luther King
by Kevin Alfred Strom (the text of a speech given by Mr. Strom in 1994 on the nationwide radio program, American Dissident Voices)
Source: nationalvanguard.org

WHEN THE COMMUNISTS TOOK OVER a country, one of the first things that they did was to confiscate all the privately-held weapons, to deny the people the physical ability to resist tyranny. But even more insidious than the theft of the people’s weapons was the theft of their history. Official Communist “historians” rewrote history to fit the current party line. In many countries, revered national heroes were excised from the history books, or their real deeds were distorted to fit Communist ideology, and Communist killers and criminals were converted into official “saints.” Holidays were declared in honor of the beasts who murdered countless nations. Did you know that much the same process has occurred right here in America?

Every January, the media go into a kind of almost spastic frenzy of adulation for the so-called “Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr.” King has even had a national holiday declared in his honor, an honor accorded to no other American, not Washington, not Jefferson, not Lincoln. (Washington and Lincoln no longer have holidays — they share the generic-sounding “President’s Day.”) A liberal judge has sealed the FBI files on King until the year 2027. What are they hiding? Let’s take a look at this modern-day plastic god.

Born in 1929, King was the son of a Black preacher known at the time only as “Daddy King.” “Daddy King” named his son Michael. In 1935, “Daddy King” had an inspiration to name himself after the Protestant reformer Martin Luther. He declared to his congregation that henceforth they were to refer to him as “Martin Luther King” and to his son as “Martin Luther King, Jr.” None of this name changing was ever legalized in court. “Daddy” King’s son’s real name is to this day Michael King.

King’s Brazen Cheating

We read in Michael Hoffman’s Holiday for a Cheater:

The first public sermon that King ever gave, in 1947 at the Ebenezer Baptist Church, was plagiarized from a homily by Protestant clergyman Harry Emerson Fosdick entitled “Life is What You Make It,” according to the testimony of King’s best friend of that time, Reverend Larry H. Williams. The first book that King wrote, Stride Toward Freedom, was plagiarized from numerous sources, all unattributed, according to documentation recently assembled by sympathetic King scholars Keith D. Miller, Ira G. Zepp, Jr., and David J. Garrow. And no less an authoritative source than the four senior editors of The Papers of Martin Luther King, Jr. (an official publication of the Martin Luther King Center for Nonviolent Social Change, Inc., whose staff includes King’s widow Coretta), stated of King’s writings at both Boston University and Crozer Theological Seminary: “Judged retroactively by the standards of academic scholarship, [his writings] are tragically flawed by numerous instances of plagiarism…. Appropriated passages are particularly evident in his writings in his major field of graduate study, systematic theology.” King’s essay, “The Place of Reason and Experience in Finding God,” written at Crozer, pirated passages from the work of theologian Edgar S. Brightman, author of The Finding of God. Another of King’s theses, “Contemporary Continental Theology,” written shortly after he entered Boston University, was largely stolen from a book by Walter Marshall Horton. King’s doctoral dissertation, “A Comparison of the Conceptions of God in the Thinking of Paul Tillich and Harry Nelson Wieman,” for which he was awarded a PhD in theology, contains more than fifty complete sentences plagiarized from the PhD dissertation of Dr. Jack Boozer, “The Place of Reason in Paul Tillich’s Concept of God.”

According to The Martin Luther King Papers, in King’s dissertation “only 49 per cent. of sentences in the section on Tillich contain five or more words that were King’s own….”!

In The Journal of American History, June 1991, page 87, David J. Garrow, a leftist academic who is sympathetic to King, says that King’s wife, Coretta Scott King, who also served as his secretary, was an accomplice in his repeated cheating. Reading Garrow’s article, one is led to the inescapable conclusion that King cheated because he had chosen for himself a political role in which a PhD would be useful, and, lacking the intellectual ability to obtain the title fairly, went after it by any means necessary. Why, then, one might ask, did the professors at Crozer Theological Seminary and Boston University grant him passing grades and a PhD? Garrow states on page 89: “King’s academic compositions, especially at Boston University, were almost without exception little more than summary descriptions… and comparisons of other’s writings. Nonetheless, the papers almost always received desirable letter grades, strongly suggesting that King’s professors did not expect more….”

The editors of The Martin Luther King Jr. Papers state that “…the failure of King’s teachers to notice his pattern of textual appropriation is somewhat remarkable….”

But researcher Michael Hoffman tells us “…actually the malfeasance of the professors is not at all remarkable. King was politically correct, he was Black, and he had ambitions. The leftist [professors were] happy to award a doctorate to such a candidate no matter how much fraud was involved. Nor is it any wonder that it has taken forty years for the truth about King’s record of nearly constant intellectual piracy to be made public.”

Monument reminiscent of Soviet 'socialist realism'Supposed scholars, who in reality shared King’s vision of a racially mixed and Marxist America, purposely covered up his cheating for decades. The cover-up still continues. From the New York Times of October 11, 1991, page 15, we learn that on October 10th of that year, a committee of researchers at Boston University admitted that, “There is no question but that Dr. King plagiarized in the dissertation.” However, despite its finding, the committee said that “No thought should be given to the revocation of Dr. King’s doctoral degree,” an action the panel said “would serve no purpose.”

No purpose, indeed! Justice demands that, in light of his willful fraud as a student, the titles “reverend” and the “doctor” should be removed from King’s name.

Communist Beliefs and Connections

Well friends, he is not a legitimate reverend, he is not a bona fide PhD, and his name isn’t really “Martin Luther King, Jr.” What’s left? Just a sexual degenerate, an America-hating Communist, and a criminal betrayer of even the interests of his own people.

On Labor Day, 1957, a special meeting was attended by Martin Luther King and four others at a strange institution called the Highlander Folk School in Monteagle, Tennessee. The Highlander Folk School was a Communist front, having been founded by Myles Horton (Communist Party organizer for Tennessee) and Don West (Communist Party organizer for North Carolina). The leaders of this meeting with King were the aforementioned Horton and West, along with Abner Berry and James Dumbrowski, all open and acknowledged members of the Communist Party, USA. The agenda of the meeting was a plan to tour the Southern states to initiate demonstrations and riots.

Bayard RustinFrom 1955 to 1960, Martin Luther King’s associate, advisor, and personal secretary was one Bayard Rustin. In 1936 Rustin joined the Young Communist League at New York City College. Convicted of draft-dodging, he went to prison for two years in 1944. On January 23, 1953 the Los Angeles Times reported his conviction and sentencing to jail for 60 days for lewd vagrancy and homosexual perversion. Rustin attended the 16th Convention of the Communist Party, USA in February, 1957. One month later, he and King founded the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, or SCLC for short. The president of the SCLC was Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The vice-president of the SCLC was the Reverend Fred Shuttlesworth, who was also the president of an identified Communist front known as the Southern Conference Educational Fund, an organization whose field director, a Mr. Carl Braden, was simultaneously a national sponsor of the Fair Play for Cuba Committee, of which you may have heard. The program director of the SCLC was the Reverend Andrew Young, in more recent years Jimmy Carter’s ambassador to the UN and mayor of Atlanta. Young, by the way, was trained at the Highlander Folk School, previously mentioned.

Fred ShuttlesworthSoon after returning from a trip to Moscow in 1958, Rustin organized the first of King’s famous marches on Washington. The official organ of the Communist Party, The Worker, openly declared the march to be a Communist project. Although he left King’s employ as secretary in 1961, Rustin was called upon by King to be second in command of the much larger march on Washington which took place on August 28, 1964.

Bayard Rustin’s replacement in 1961 as secretary and advisor to King was Jack O’Dell, also known as Hunter Pitts O’Dell. According to official records, in 1962 Jack O’Dell was a member of the National Committee of the Communist Party, USA. He had been listed as a Communist Party member as early as 1956. O’Dell was also given the job of acting executive director for SCLC activities for the entire Southeast, according to the St. Louis Globe-Democrat of October 26, 1962. At that time, there were still some patriots in the press corps, and word of O’Dell’s party membership became known.

What did King do? Shortly after the negative news reports, King fired O’Dell with much fanfare. And he then, without the fanfare, immediately hired him again as director of the New York office of the SCLC, as confirmed by the Richmond News-Leader of September 27, 1963.

Robert C. Williams, of Havana's Radio Free DixieIn 1963 a Black man from Monroe, North Carolina named Robert Williams made a trip to Peking, China. Exactly 20 days before King’s 1964 march on Washington, Williams successfully urged Mao Tse-Tung to speak out on behalf of King’s movement. Mr. Williams was also around this time maintaining his primary residence in Cuba, from which he made regular broadcasts to the southern United States, three times a week, from high-power AM transmitters in Havana under the title “Radio Free Dixie.” In these broadcasts, he urged violent attacks by Blacks against White Americans.

During this period, Williams wrote a book entitled Negroes With Guns. The writer of the foreword for this book? None other than “Martin Luther King, Jr.” It is also interesting to note that the editors and publishers of this book were to a man all supporters of the infamous Fair Play for Cuba Committee.

According to King’s biographer and sympathizer David J. Garrow, “King privately described himself as a Marxist.” In his 1981 book, The FBI and Martin Luther King, Jr., Garrow quotes King as saying in SCLC staff meetings, “…we have moved into a new era, which must be an era of revolution…. The whole structure of American life must be changed…. We are engaged in the class struggle.”

Jewish Communist Stanley Levison can best be described as King’s behind-the-scenes “handler.” Levison, who had for years been in charge of the secret funnelling of Soviet funds to the Communist Party, USA, was King’s mentor and was actually the brains behind many of King’s more successful ploys. It was Levison who edited King’s book, Stride Toward Freedom. It was Levison who arranged for a publisher. Levison even prepared King’s income tax returns! It was Levison who really controlled the fund-raising and agitation activities of the SCLC. Levison wrote many of King’s speeches. King described Levison as one of his “closest friends.”

FBI: King Bought Sex With SCLC Money

The Federal Bureau of Investigation had for many years been aware of Stanley Levison’s Communist activities. It was Levison’s close association with King that brought about the initial FBI interest in King.

Assistant FBI Director SullivanLest you be tempted to believe the controlled media’s lie about “racists” in the FBI being out to “get” King, you should be aware that the man most responsible for the FBI’s probe of King was Assistant Director William C. Sullivan. Sullivan describes himself as a liberal, and says that initially “I was one hundred per cent. for King…because I saw him as an effective and badly needed leader for the Black people in their desire for civil rights.” The probe of King not only confirmed their suspicions about King’s Communist beliefs and associations, but it also revealed King to be a despicable hypocrite, an immoral degenerate, and a worthless charlatan.

According to Assistant Director Sullivan, who had direct access to the surveillance files on King which are denied the American people, King had embezzled or misapplied substantial amounts of money contributed to the “civil rights” movement. King used SCLC funds to pay for liquor, and numerous prostitutes both Black and White, who were brought to his hotel rooms, often two at a time, for drunken sex parties which sometimes lasted for several days. These types of activities were the norm for King’s speaking and organizing tours.

In fact, an outfit called the “National Civil Rights Museum” in Memphis, Tennessee, which is putting on display the two bedrooms from the Lorraine Motel where King stayed the night before he was shot, has declined to depict in any way the occupants of those rooms. That—according to exhibit designer Gerard Eisterhold—would be “close to blasphemy.” The reason? “Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.” spent his last night on Earth having sexual intercourse with two women at the motel and physically beating and abusing a third.

Sullivan also stated that King had alienated the affections of numerous married women. According to Sullivan, who in 30 years with the Bureau had seen everything there was to be seen of the seamy side of life, King was one of only seven people he had ever encountered who was such a total degenerate.

Noting the violence that almost invariably attended King’s supposedly “non-violent” marches, Sullivan’s probe revealed a very different King from the carefully crafted public image. King welcomed members of many different Black groups as members of his SCLC, many of them advocates and practitioners of violence. King’s only admonition on the subject was that they should embrace “tactical nonviolence.”

Sullivan also relates an incident in which King met in a financial conference with Communist Party representatives, not knowing that one of the participants was an infiltrator actually working for the FBI.

King idol at the National CathedralJ. Edgar Hoover personally saw to it that documented information on King’s Communist connections was provided to the President and to Congress. And conclusive information from FBI files was also provided to major newspapers and news wire services. But were the American people informed of King’s real nature? No, for even in the 1960s, the fix was in—the controlled media and the bought politicians were bound and determined to push their racial mixing program on America. King was their man and nothing was going to get in their way. With a few minor exceptions, these facts have been kept from the American people. The pro-King propaganda machine grinds on, and it is even reported that a serious proposal has been made to add some of King’s writings as a new book in the Bible.

Ladies and gentlemen, the purpose of this radio program is far greater than to prove to you the immorality and subversion of this man called King.

I want you to start to think for yourselves.

I want you to consider this: What are the forces and motivation behind the controlled media’s active promotion of King?

Our children are victims of propaganda.What does it tell you about our politicians when you see them, almost without exception, falling all over themselves to honor King as a national hero?

What does it tell you about our society when any public criticism of this moral leper and Communist functionary is considered grounds for dismissal?

What does it tell you about the controlled media when you see how they have successfully suppressed the truth and held out a picture of King that can only be described as a colossal lie?

You need to think, my fellow Americans. You desperately need to wake up.



1. Hoffman, Michael A., Holiday for a Cheater, (Wiswell Ruffin House, Dresden, New York, 1992)

2. Steffgen, Kent H., Bondage of the Free, (Vanguard Books, Berkeley, California, 1966)

3. Garrow, David J., The FBI and Martin Luther King, Jr., (W. W. Norton & Co, New York City, 1981)

Further information on King’s Communist connections and the FBI surveillance of Stanley Levison can be found in the Congressional Record.

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The story is nearly four years old now. It was swept under the rug, because, as Malkin suggested, it doesn’t fit the established narrative. She could have easily gone further here, but too much honesty in her line of work is equivalent to “career suicide”. Nevertheless, the sad reality (a clear indication of how troublesome the situation has become today) is that if everything that needed to be said these days were simply spoken by, say, an Asian woman instead of a White man, the world would likely lend an ear. If knowledge empowers, then ignorance disarms. What we do not know (or what we choose to ignore), then, empowers those who would do us harm. When one is better acquainted with the alarming criminal statistics data by race (yes, I know it’s an unpopular subject), and when one is better acquainted with the disproportionate control over our mainstream news and entertainment media by a hostile elite (2% controls something like 98%), it is difficult not to interpret the burial of the grisly Christian-Newsom case as an altogether different form of racial attack. When I read about such stories, I don’t think of it as an attack against some distant strangers. I think of these stories (and the burial of such stories) in terms of an attack against my friends and my family, directly. This couple are part of our extended family. This attack could just as easily happen to any of our loved ones, so four years ago (for me, anyhow) might as well have been yesterday. It breaks my heart to know that our people tend to ignore such a message for fear of being branded “racists”. To want to survive today is, in the eyes of some, “racist”. Sign of the times! Everyone else is encouraged to celebrate their heritage and empower their people, but if we so much as protest along the road to the slaughterhouse (which is what voluntarily disempowerment leads to), we’ve “got something wrong with us”. This is the direct result of 100 years of pathologizing ethnic-self-interests where our race is concerned. We can thank the Frankfurt School and their “critical theory“. Ours is the only race, apparently, which is not supposed to exist. Again and again, they say “there is no White race.” If we don’t even recognize that we exist as a people, the failure to protest as a people inevitably follows. I protest because I intend to survive and prevail, come what may, and because I want my friends and family to do likewise — however unpopular and unacceptable that may seem today. Those who condemn this consciousness today will applaud it tomorrow, for none of us — not a one — will survive without it. -W.

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The Enemy Within
By Kevin Alfred Strom
Source: National Vanguard

THIS WORTHWHILE video by Schell Productions is a brief and fascinating look at the origins of the “anti-racial” movement that has paralyzed the nations of the West and was in fact designed to destroy our will to live. It takes as its central premise the ideas of Kevin MacDonald’s Culture of Critique.

Philosophy’s purpose being to distinguish the good in life from the bad and thereby to guide our actions, the most important philosophical precept which our age has discovered is that Good is whatever advances our evolution, and Evil is whatever opposes or reverses that evolution.

Evolution creates races in abundance, in grasses and fish and birds as well as in men. It is a branching process. Race-creation is central and necessary to evolution.

Without race-genesis and separation, speciation — the creation of new species — would be impossible.

In fact, without race-genesis and separation, all evolution and all life on Earth would have been impossible. Therefore the anti-racial movement which has gained temporary ascendance in the West is profoundly evil.

Related Articles:

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Communism was never destroyed. It was merely transferred from one state to another. Never mind titles. Never mind appearances. Essence speaks (even if repeating it aloud is forbidden).

From JP1: This interview exposes the KGB’s subversive tactics against Western society. In this interview, Yuri Bezmenov explains how Marxist ideology is deconstructing Western values, destabilizing the economy, and provoking crises in order to bring about a Socially-Marxist society.

Yuri Alexandrovic Bezmenov, was born in 1939 in the former Soviet Union and worked as a journalist for Pravda. In this capacity, he secretly answered to the KGB. His true job was to further the aims of Communist Russia. After being assigned to a station in India, Bezmenov eventually grew to love the people and culture of India, while, at the same time, coming to resent the KGB-sanctioned oppression of intellectuals who dissented from Moscow’s policies. He decided to defect to the West.

Ed Griffin (interviewer) asks – “Okay, so what do we do? What is your recommendation to the American people?”

Yuri Bezmenov responds – “Well, the immediate thing that comes to mind is, of course, there must be a very strong national effort to educate people in the spirit of real patriotism, number one. Number two, to explain to them the real danger of Socialist, Communist, whatever, welfare state — Big Brother government… The moment at least part of the United States population is convinced that the danger is real […] they have to FORCE their government… to stop aiding Communism.”

Merely consider what we’ve lost in 26 years, and you will see that the “conspiracy” was no theory, but rather prophetic insight. -W.

The complete interview may be viewed HERE.

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Anti-Fascist Front: A Portland anti-racist group has had a busy—and controversial—summer
Source: Willamette Week

TARGETED: Tim Titrud poses in front of his camper, which reads “911 was an inside job.” On the right are materials he received by mail Sept. 15. PHOTO: Darryl James

On the afternoon of Sept. 15, Tim Titrud arrived home in Clackamas County after finishing his workday as a self-employed landscaper and checked his mailbox.

Along with the usual assortment of bills and junk mail was a pink envelope postmarked from Portland with no return address. Titrud opened it and found a greeting card covered with pink flowers. The card read, “Thinking of You.”

Also included was a color photo of Hitler, with runic symbols scrawled across his face and around his head. On the back of the photo were Germanic runes that spelled out the words “Destroy Yourself.” [Veiztu hvé rísta skal? Veiztu hvé ráða skal? Apparently not!]

Titrud, who is 50 years old and lives with his wife, was not surprised, nor did he call police. The letter included a calling card for Rose City Antifa, a Portland anti-racist group that recently tried to shut down an event Titrud helped organize featuring a speaker who’s been accused of anti-Semitism.

“They don’t really scare me,” Titrud says of the group. “These guys are idiots. It’s just kind of weird. Kind of creepy-weird.”

Little is known publicly about Rose City Antifa—a group that anonymously posts articles about its activities on the Portland Indymedia website [is it really independent?]. Its members, who wear bandannas over their faces when they protest in public, declined repeated requests from WW over the past five weeks to be interviewed for this story.

Despite its secrecy [the PUSSY on their calling card says it all], Rose City Antifa has had an active summer of publicly exposing Titrud and others who members accuse of spreading racist ideas in Portland—including a call for longtime Portland activist Tim Calvert to be fired from his job on the board of CityBikes Workers’ Cooperative. They accuse Calvert of harboring anti-Semitic beliefs.

“We believe that those pushing organized Jew-hatred and pogrom politics should be collectively resisted,” they write on Indymedia. “No compromises and no half-measures!”

The resulting controversy has not only driven a wedge into Portland’s close-knit protest community. It also raises serious questions about the outer limits of free expression and civil protest in a city that puts great value in both.

Some have praised Rose City Antifa for rooting out alleged [key word there] racists in our midst. Others criticize the group’s zero-tolerance approach as nothing more than ideological bullying.

They’re worse than the early colonists with the heretics, where you were removed out into the wilderness to die,” says Grace Grant, a member of the left-wing Laughing Horse Book Collective in Northeast Portland. “I don’t want to be part of that kind of community. It’s pretty heartless. I don’t know who’s setting these standards and norms.”

Anti-fascism first arose in Europe in the 1920s to oppose violent far-right groups, and has since spread to the Americas and Australia. Rose City Antifa is part of the Anti-Racist Action Network, which boasts 20 chapters in cities across the U.S. and Canada.

Rose City Antifa was founded in 2007, when anti-racists organized to shut down a meeting of the neo-Nazi Hammerskin Nation set for the Sherwood Elks Lodge (see “Skin Cancer,” WW, Oct. 3, 2007). The group posts cards and fliers at the Red & Black Cafe, the Black Rose Collective Bookstore and other places where anarchists and the far-left gather, but its total membership is unknown.

On Saturday, Sept. 19, the group set up a recruitment table at a punk concert in North Portland benefiting the volunteer group Portland Books to Prisoners. Stanislav Vysotsky, a Willamette University sociology professor who studies anti-racist groups, was at the table laying out anti-fascist literature next to a sign that said “Rose City Antifa.”

Vysotsky denied he’s a member of the group. But he defended its tactics in an interview with WW.

Vysotsky says publicly outing one’s enemies—including publishing their home addresses and pressuring their employers to fire them—is a widely accepted practice by progressive social movements. (It’s also used by right-wing [Christian fundamentalists], which publishes addresses of abortion doctors on far-right websites.) [Isn’t this what the Leftists commonly bewail as McCarthy-era “blacklisting”? Are they over that grievance, or what?]

“The strategy is to shut them down.” Vysotsky says. “Someone can’t be active if they are out looking for a job, and homes are their base of operation. If you put yourself in the shoes of a movement member, there is very much a logic to this.”

Not everyone agrees. Chip Berlet, a nationally renowned journalist and activist who’s devoted his career since 1967 to fighting hate groups, says wearing masks and relying on intimidation is counterproductive to the cause.

“What you learn early on is that these kinds of stunts are completely ineffective for social change work. It does really nothing to help the people who are being oppressed,” Berlet says. “This is immature, inexperienced organizing from people who haven’t figured out that macho is passe.

Polite Portland may seem the last city in the U.S. in need of anti-fascist squads. But the city has gained a measure of infamy in anti-racist circles as the birthplace of Volksfront, a racist skinhead group founded in 1994 that is still active locally and now boasts chapters in seven countries. [Understand this, however: you needn’t be a skinhead, a violent bigoted thug, or a racial supremacist belonging to any organization whatsoever to find yourself on the receiving end of Antifa’s frankly fascistic tactics of suppression. It is enough of an “offense,” in their eyes, to be unashamedly White and to hold any perspectives which conflict with theirs.]

The Alabama-based Southern Poverty Law Center and other organizations that track hate groups have reported a steep rise in extremist activity since Barack Obama was elected the nation’s first black president. [The real truth is, “extremists” (if that’s what you want to call them) disapproved of Obama on the basis of policy, not on the basis of his heritage.] The killing of a security guard at the National Holocaust Memorial in June, reports of right-wing extremists recruiting at conservative tea parties, and a rise in militia activity have all stoked worries that the extreme right is gaining a new foothold.

“We see a mainstreaming of white nationalism that we haven’t seen previously,” [right — not for a few decades, anyhow] says Eric Ward, national field director for the Center for New Community, an anti-racism nonprofit in Chicago. He supports Rose City Antifa’s efforts, saying white nationalists may now be infiltrating[?!] the environmental movement and other progressive causes—in part because lefties haven’t taken the threat seriously enough.

Against that backdrop came Rose City Antifa’s busy summer, starting with the episode that led to Titrud finding a snapshot of Hitler in his mailbox.

Titrud and Calvert belong to the Portland 9/11 Truth Alliance, a group that challenges the accepted explanation for the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. Some alternative theories assign Mossad a secret role in the attacks. Titrud recently removed signs on his camper, which used to read “End Wars for Oil or Israel” and “Israel, Stop Killing Peace.”

In June, his group organized a talk in Portland by Valdas Anelauskas, a scholar born in the former Soviet Union. Some of Anelauskas’ work has been labeled anti-Semitic, and he’s closely associated with the Pacifica Forum, a discussion group in Eugene that’s been accused of hosting other anti-Semitic speakers.

According to its account on Indymedia, Rose City Antifa learned Anelauskas was set to speak June 10 at Laughing Horse Books and pressured the collective to cancel the event. The fallout led Calvert and two others to leave the collective, and the 9/11 Truthers no longer meet at the bookstore—they’re meeting instead in Milwaukie.

Anelauskas’ talk was moved to the Old Wives’ Tales restaurant on East Burnside Street. About 12 people showed up to hear his talk on the Frankfurt School, a group of 20th-century Marxist scholars Anelauskas accuses of sabotaging Western culture. In a video of the lecture available online, Anelauskas makes no overtly anti-Semitic remarks.

Nonetheless, Rose City Antifa posted a statement June 25 on Indymedia identifying Titrud and Calvert as organizers of what the group identified as an “anti-Semitic” event. [After all, where would they be without this accusation?] They called on CityBikes to fire Calvert, saying his “conspiracy theories about Jewish power and his denial of the Nazi genocide against the Jewish people have been an open secret in Portland for years.”

Calvert refuses even to defend himself against that charge, saying he’s being accused of a thought crime.

“Free speech means hearing people you don’t agree with,” he says. “This totally hearkens back to the days of heresy and the Inquisition, the idea that people are somehow infected and need to be purged. It’s Stalinist. It’s Catholic Church. It’s intellectually embarrassing.”

Some commenters on the Indymedia site were supportive of Rose City Antifa. [Then again, Indymedia happen to reserve the right, in their own words, “to hide posts” which do not meet with their moderators’ approval. Is it a huge stretch of the imagination to suggest that the thoughtful counterpoint of any alleged “anti-Semite” might, then, automatically be “hidden” — i.e. censored — thus preventing any accurate assessment of what kind of support or opposition Rose City Antifa might really have?]

You can bash a fellow’s politics all day long but trying to run him out of a living is going too far,” one commenter wrote. “Or was it OK to do to queers back in the day?”

Few Portlanders can boast Calvert’s lefty credentials. Besides demonstrating against every U.S. invasion from Grenada to Iraq, he volunteered for the sister-city organization linking Portland to the Nicaraguan town of Corinto, helped start Laughing Horse Books in 1985, and built up the Red Rose School for activists in the late 1980s. He made CityBikes a workers’ co-op in 1990 after being hired there in 1989.

Calvert says it’s the first time he’s been attacked in more than 25 years as an activist. He’s kept his $13.50-an-hour job at CityBikes, despite graffiti calling him a Nazi [not that his detractors ever knew what the word meant] that’s sprung up on the co-op’s Southwest Ankeny Street shop. Staff has cleaned up the graffiti without calling police.

CityBikes’ board posted a letter on Indymedia supporting Calvert, then retracted it 12 days later, saying not all its members had been consulted.

“They’re scared, and I still feel threatened,” Calvert says.

Meanwhile, Rose City Antifa’s campaign continues.

On July 7, the group put up 200 fliers along Northwest 21st and 23rd avenues with the name, photo and address of Nob Hill resident Julian Lee. The fliers accuse Lee of plastering the neighborhood with racist stickers, call him “Nazi trash,” and urge residents to “make it clear” that his “racist propaganda is unwelcome” (see WW, July 15, 2009).

The decision to out Lee makes even the head of one of Oregon’s largest Jewish congregations uncomfortable.

“I would caution people to be exceedingly careful about identifying people and where they live for fear of crazies out there who will take the law into their own hands and do something violent [in retaliation],” says Rabbi Daniel Isaak, who leads more than 1,000 member households at Congregation Neveh Shalom in Southwest Portland. “On some level, they [meaning Antifa] have responsibility for any serious harm that would come as a result.

The tactic can also prove clumsy. In May, Rose City Antifa published the addresses of two Volksfront members living in Southeast Portland, including a telephone number for the skinheads’ landlord. Trouble was, the landlord had died more than two months before of diabetes and heart disease. Callers, instead, reached his grieving widow.

“I wish they wouldn’t have done that,” she told WW, declining to give her name. “I’m a Christian, and I don’t support anything like [Nazism].”

Rose City Antifa’s biggest summer coup came July 19, when the group learned the time and location of a Portland talk by David Irving, the notorious British historian who once spent 10 months in an Austrian prison for [allegedly] denying the Holocaust. [In truth, he questions many of the central details — including, though not limited to, the numbers.]

About 50 people showed up to protest Irving’s talk at the Embassy Suites Airport Hotel. They failed to shut down Irving’s event, but Rose City Antifa members congratulated themselves on Indymedia anyway, saying they were “successful in sending a clear message that fascist organizing is not welcome in our community.” [They cannot discern the valid distinction between a Fascist and a National Socialist, for they have a weak understanding of both. They cannot discern the valid distinction between an anti-Semite and an anti-Zionist, for they have an especially weak understanding of the latter. They cannot discern the distinction between a Holocaust revisionist and someone who wants to shove people into ovens, because they appear to understand (or even care to understand) very little, altogether.]

See a video of Rose City Antifa protesting Irving’s appearance July 19 below:

Find this story at http://www.wweek.com/editorial/3546/13087 [Text in brackets, my own. -W.]

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Oliver Stone apologized for Telling the Truth
By Gilad Atzmon
Wednesday, July 28, 2010
Source: gilad.squarespace.com

There you go… Oliver Stone apologized for suggesting that the Jewish lobby controls Washington’s foreign policy and that Hitler’s actions should be put into context.

In fact, Stone’s apology confirms Stone’s argument. We are subject to constant assault by Jewish and Israeli gatekeepers who insist on controlling the political and historical discourse and defy any possible criticism of Jewish national affairs.

“In trying to make a broader historical point about the range of atrocities the Germans committed against many people, I made a clumsy association about the Holocaust, for which I am sorry and I regret,” Stone said in a statement released late Monday, the day after his remarks were published in a British newspaper.

JTA reported today that Elan Steinberg, vice president of the American Gathering of Holocaust Survivors and their Descendants, was among the Jewish organizations and Israeli officials to condemn the remarks.

Steinberg in a statement said Stone’s apology “was necessary and we accept it. But whether he acted out of sincerity or as a desperate response to the moral outcry at his comments is an open question,” he added. “He must be judged by his future words and deeds.”

Steinberg demands “sincerity” and future subservience. I would actually expect him to join Stone and be slightly more enthusiastic about historical research and contextual thinking.

Israel’s propaganda minister’, Yuli Edelstein, was also among those who had condemned Stone’s remarks early Monday. “They are nauseating, anti-Semitic and racist. Not only is he showing ignorance, he is demonizing Jews for no reason and returning to the ‘Protocols of the Elders of Zion.’ [Never mind the fact that Stone’s father is Jewish, or that what he said (prior to his recantation) was factually sound, irrespective of who it offended.]

Interesting indeed. Stone doesn’t refer to race. There is nothing anti-Semitic in his remark whatsoever unless telling the truth is a form of anti-Semitism. Moreover, Stone didn’t demonize Jews for being Jews, he described some actions committed by Jewish institutional lobbies, actions that are now academically documented and studied. He did it for a good reason. Stone is probably patriotic or pragmatic enough to gather that peace is important.

“When a man of Stone’s stature speaks in this way”, said Edelstein, “it can bring waves of anti-Semitism and anti-Israel sentiment, and may even damage Jewish communities and individuals.” Edelstein is almost correct. Stone was brave enough to tell the truth about Jewish power, though he probably wasn’t courageous enough to stand for it, which is understandable. However, Edelstein and other Jewish leaders had better realise that Stone is far from being mad, anti-Semitic or racist. Stone told the truth as we all see it.

Instead of silencing criticism, Edelstein, Steinberg and others had better face the mirror because the time is running out for Israel and its supporters.

Update: Haim Saban to CBS: Cancel Oliver Stone’s Showtime Series


The New Yorker reported last month that at a conference last fall, Saban described his pro-Israeli formula, outlining “three ways to be influential in American politics: make donations to political parties, establish think tanks, and control media outlets.”

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I trust my subscribers and regular readers have become, or have perhaps always been, adept in the art of separating gold from dross. Beyond appearances and titles, there is always something here to enrich and empower you. Discerning minds will reap what is essential and discard the rest. -W.

P.S. I’ve never shied away from asking controversial questions, I’ve never rejected unpopular answers, and I do not believe it even possible to “lose one’s humanity” in pursuit and defense of the light of the truth.

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