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While still in prison, Adolf Hitler drew up plans for housing developments. Some of his sketches still survive. They show groups of worker’s houses with their own gardens, which were later built in hundreds of thousands.

Adolf wanted low-cost housing that would be attractive and functional for millions of working class families that then lived in “rabbit warren” cramped squallor.

Most houses he would later build were single storey dwellings with small gardens where children could romp and play, wives could grow vegetables and flowers, and all could relax in peace and beauty after the day’s work. Local architectural styles were incorporated so that the dwellings enhanced the local atmosphere.

Occasionally there was no alternative to large apartment complexes, and Adolf ensured that even these dwellings were large and surrounded by surrounding lawns and gardens where the children could play in safety.

In all these housing projects the highest standards of public health and safety were incorporated into the design, something generally neglected worldwide in those days.

Generous loans were granted to newly married couples who wished to buy their own homes. At the birth of each child a quarter of the loan debt was cancelled, so that after four children no payment was due at all. 925,000 newly married couples took advantage of this loan scheme.

After his first year in office, Adolf had succeeded in building 202,119 housing units. After four years the number had risen to one and a half million homes.

For those who rented a home, monthly rental was fixed by legislation so that no more than about one-eighth of a worker’s salary was spent for rent.

Farmers, who had the lowest incomes, were also assisted. By 1936, more than 91,000 farmhouses were constructed, and living standards in rural areas was drastically improved.


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