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If you are a Revisionist, a free, critical thinker, or if you already possess a strong sense of historical truth at odds with that of the establishment and its mainstream media organs, I highly recommend viewing this documentary film. If you’re a gullible simpleton or a lazy academic, however, who automatically trusts as truth whatever you’re taught/told concerning the “Nazis” (or other historical “devils” for that matter), you’re rather unlikely to reap the reward of this four-hour investment. Intentionally or otherwise, the BBC misses the mark with respect to its peripheral mention of Joseph Goebbels and National Socialist propaganda (allegedly inspired by Bernays, which is rubbish)… But in this day and age, I could hardly expect otherwise. To their deserved credit, they do manage to get much correct and, in the course of their exploration, come much closer to certain forbidden truths than they likely intended. Thoughtfully counterbalance the information presented through this documentary with what you’ve (hopefully) already studied of the occupied news and entertainment media, the Neoconservative movement, the Zionist Power Configuration (Z.P.C.), the Frankfurt School/Political Correctness, the international “bankster gangsters”, and the chief proponents and beneficiaries of the wars of the last 100 years (as well as the unseen catalysts, historical deceptions, and false-flags which, more often than not, lead us there), and the value of its core-message will more than triple. -W

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To what extent have the “Politics of Fear” shaped the last decade of our lives? Knowing the roots of the Neoconservative movement will get you more mileage out of this documentary. Awaken! -W.

Part 1. “Baby it’s Cold Outside”
Part 2. “The Phantom Victory”
Part 3. “The Shadows in the Cave”

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Documentary Source: Anti-Neocons


[Please view and share this outstanding documentary with your friends and family, in spite of its common (and therefore, expected) misconceptions concerning N.S. (f.ex., its alleged promotion of “The Big Lie“), the minor spelling errors (dyslexia), and the rough editing. This video, in conjunction with a few others (which I’ve provided links for further below), carries the potential to explode the deadliest myths of our time and accelerate enlightenment, awakening, and thus true liberation, on a tremendous scale. Reassess what you think you know, trust nothing untried, and you are sworn to rise.]

DVD Extra:

[Never mind the typical “Reich Wing” Fox News jab (another image plucked from the internet). Nothing new or terribly surprising. I detest the (occupied) mainstream media as well, but Fox is anything but N.S.., and thus, the shoe does not fit. I can’t understand how some people come so remarkably close to the truth, only to get it wrong (again) when it comes to this single topic. It almost derails their entire position, as far as I’m concerned… but I have a strong understanding of how deep the indoctrination runs — even for many who have otherwise managed to cast off the fetters. I’ve discussed the topic with Dawson, personally, in at least two letters, whose views on the extermination myth, for example, are not so very different from my own. Nevertheless, it’s just a subject which some people — even highly intelligent, free thinkers — can’t seem to critically navigate with any success. The “ultimate (d)evil” — a Zionist historical construct — represents the absolute end of the moral spectrum in countless millions of minds, and thus, it is relied upon (on account of its assured effect), again and again. It’s just puzzling in certain instances, because Dawson, himself, zeroes in on the strategic manner in which the Neoconservatives likened Saddam to Hitler in select PNAC papers in order to emotionally manipulate their audience (the same thing they’ve done with Ahmadinejad and his supposed ambitions of a “nuclear ‘Holocaust'”). He understands the method, ridicules it, and then (perhaps absent-mindedly, or due to years of familiar, ingrained pattern) employs it in passing. It’s never a central theme, and he still manages to get the facts straight, but I would say it is the one (perhaps the only) serious pitfall of his presentation(s). Having said that, I am grateful to the gentleman for his courage, his devotion to truth and justice, and his years of meaningful work. My mild criticisms above are more against a system of deception than any individual man who means well. -W.]

Further viewing (crucial!):

1. Missing Links
2. Painful Deceptions
3. 9/11 Mysteries

Please take the time (that is, make the time!) to study these documentaries, and keep them circulating, or else the “memory hole” will have its way.

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Benjamin Freedman and Common Sense

Former Zionist operative Benjamin Freedman is shown here with a 1960 edition of the newspaper that was the primary venue for his writings after WWII, Common Sense. Though his theorizing on Jewish origins was flawed, his revelations of Zionist intrigues have significant value to students and historians.

Benjamin Freedman Article Generates Interest
By Kevin Alfred Strom
Source: www.kevinalfredstrom.com

When I published an updated and annotated version of Benjamin Freedman’s speech “A Jewish Defector Warns America” a few weeks ago, it generated many hits, links, and comments. Thanks to those who wrote about the improved audio quality over previous incarnations of the sound file (and yes, I do know that there are still a few skips that I couldn’t correct), and also to those who sent in thoughtful remarks about Freedman’s ideas and my criticism of his version of the Khazar hypothesis.

The Institute for Historical Review just published an excerpt and link to the speech, the Riddles of the Universe science and politics blog republished the speech in full two days ago — and all in all, more than 500 sites have republished the article in one form or another.

Freedman’s speech was issued as a vinyl LP record by a patriotic group in 1961, but by 1995 when I rediscovered it, it had fallen into almost total obscurity. It all began for me when Jim Thomas, a publisher, sound-currency advocate, and long-time amateur radio friend, sent me a copy of the recording. I published it in ’95 as a two-part American Dissident Voices radio broadcast (then heard in almost every state of the Union via several 50,000-Watt clear channel AM stations) and also published it in text form in the magazine I founded the same year, Free Speech. I also put the speech online via the rudimentary ‘Net facilities I had available to me at the time (Usenet, the then-proprietary Compuserve network, and an FTP site), and even offered it (along with other articles of interest) via postal mail ( ! ) on your choice of 3.5- or 5.25-inch floppy disks. Not too much later, of course, we published it on the World Wide Web. Most of the sites featuring Benjamin Freedman material stem from these ADV and Free Speech efforts, but I’m also glad to see that some folks rediscovered the vinyl record or old copies of Freedman’s main venue, the Common Sense newspaper, on their own. It gives you the feeling that, in the long run, the censors are going to lose.

Well, as the Chinese communists and the ADL are learning, digital media are very hard to suppress. Those pesky files have a habit of copying and recopying themselves, almost like life forms. They may be suppressed on one server in one government’s (or pressure group’s) area of influence, but quickly reappear on another server, sometimes halfway around the world. I’ve even found literally hundreds of people sharing Benjamin Freedman text files and audio files on peer-to-peer networks, as if they were “hot” items like the latest Taylor Swift single. Well, they are “hot items.” They’re engaging, interesting, and may well change the history of the world. One can’t say that about too many pop songs.

I’m very pleased that this man’s important speech is finding a larger audience than ever. I’m proud to have had a part in that. In future weeks I’ll be posting some more material by Mr. Freedman, whose life’s work — once relegated to Orwell’s “memory hole” by the major media and would-be censors — is getting easier and easier to find, thanks to the enthusiasm and hard work of those who have found value in it.

Related: A Jewish Defector Warns America

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The Enemy Within
By Kevin Alfred Strom
Source: National Vanguard

THIS WORTHWHILE video by Schell Productions is a brief and fascinating look at the origins of the “anti-racial” movement that has paralyzed the nations of the West and was in fact designed to destroy our will to live. It takes as its central premise the ideas of Kevin MacDonald’s Culture of Critique.

Philosophy’s purpose being to distinguish the good in life from the bad and thereby to guide our actions, the most important philosophical precept which our age has discovered is that Good is whatever advances our evolution, and Evil is whatever opposes or reverses that evolution.

Evolution creates races in abundance, in grasses and fish and birds as well as in men. It is a branching process. Race-creation is central and necessary to evolution.

Without race-genesis and separation, speciation — the creation of new species — would be impossible.

In fact, without race-genesis and separation, all evolution and all life on Earth would have been impossible. Therefore the anti-racial movement which has gained temporary ascendance in the West is profoundly evil.

Related Articles:

Israeli Cyber Warriors Crash Internet
By Rev. Ted Pike
27 Apr 10
Source: DavidDuke.com

Anti-“Tea Party” blogger Jason Levin incurred world scorn by encouraging alleged supporters in 65 US cities to “crash” Tea Party protests April 15. He goaded them to infiltrate Tea Party ranks and destroy the movement by saying and doing outrageous things. Much is not known about Levin. But his tactics resemble efforts by another saboteur to discredit critics online through disinformation and cyber-attack. That is the state of Israel.

For more than a year, Israel has reeled under unprecedented world criticism for its brutality to the people of Gaza. It has not silenced
its critics by beginning humane treatment or admitting its wrongdoing. Instead, it has unceasingly described itself as the victim,
withering under unprecedented, global anti-Semitism. It says critique of Israel poses as legitimate disagreement but only masks the ancient,
irrational Jew-hatred that led to the Holocaust.

Over the past years, defenders of Israel such as the Anti-Defamation League have proposed massive education as the only way to counter worldwide anger at Israel. But there’s a problem. The more educated people
become about Israel’s brutality (including use of white phosphorus
bombs to devour the flesh of innocent Gazans and their children), the
more “anti-Semitic” the world becomes! Thus, for the past
four years, Israel’s Foreign Ministry has been creating an international
cadre of Israeli and Jewish “cyber-warriors” who will do
more than “educate” against internet critics; they may also
now be spreading confusion, disinformation, and even sabotage against
Israel’s critics on the web – much as Jason Levin proposed
against Tea Partiers.

‘Israel’s government has thrown its weight behind efforts by supporters
to counter what it believes to be negative bias and a tide of pro-Arab
propaganda. The Foreign Ministry has ordered trainee diplomats
to track websites and chat rooms so that networks of US and European
groups with hundreds of thousands of Jewish activists can place supportive
messages. In the past week, nearly five-thousand members of the
World Union of Jewish Students (WUJS) have downloaded special “megaphone” software
that alerts them to anti-Israeli chat rooms or internet polls to
enable them to post contrary viewpoints. A student team in Jerusalem
combs the web in a host of different languages to flag the sites
so that those who have signed up can influence an opinion survey
or the course of a debate.’ (Times
, “Israel
Backed By Army of Cyber-Soldiers,” 28July06

The widespread use of the “megaphone” software allows perhaps
100,000 Jews to be alerted the moment an internet public opinion poll
relating to Israel is proposed. Inventors of the “megaphone” desktop
tool clearly say that a purpose of the technology is to skew poll results.

The purpose of any public opinion poll within a democracy is to obtain
an accurate understanding of public opinion. It is not a forum for
argumentation. Yet countless Israeli cyber-warriors now distort honest
survey efforts, guilty of what critics increasingly call “ballot
stuffing.” In Britain, computing-website The Register called Israel’s
poll activism “highly organized mass manipulation of technology.”

For example, a poll in Britain attempted to determine if the British
think questioning the accuracy of the six-million figure of alleged
Holocaust victims should be a criminal offense. Massive “yes” votes
from Jewish cyber-warriors worldwide so distorted the response that
the poll became useless. Independent Television News and others have
also criticized cyber-warriors for stifling online discussion by generating
excessive comment and “spam” on internet message boards (Wikipedia, “Megaphone
Desktop Tool”
). By contaminating polling research necessary
to the democratic process, Jewish activists block orderly discussion
and reveal that their primary intent is to whitewash Israel.

Smashing Israel’s Opposition

Joel Leyden runs the Israeli government-approved Israel News Agency
and commands at least 100,000 Jewish cyber-warriors worldwide. When
an Iranian newspaper in 2006 sponsored a cartoon contest critical of
establishment history of the Holocaust, Leyden “used search-engine
optimization [directing search-engine results], to successfully bury
the Iranian content, and added text inserts into their cartoons which
explained the facts of the Holocaust.” Israel’s destruction of
the Iranian contest was not “education” but cyber-terrorism.
Jewish Chronicle
, “Israel Internet PR Cyber-Warriors” by
Lucy Tobin, 12Feb09
) It is the equivalent of one newspaper
hiring thugs to smash a rival newspaper’s printing presses.

Such is a powerful reminder that, while Israel counts itself a democracy,
it and its PR arm, the Anti-Defamation League, are actually intent
on destroying the free speech and action of their critics. In their
opinion, strong criticism of Israel ranks as one of the deadliest outbreaks
of anti-Semitism in history, imminently threatening the survival of
the Jewish state. It is beneath representation, they believe, and should
be illegal. Toward this end, Israel wants to end freedom of speech
not only for the Palestinians but also for Messianic
Christian evangelists in southern Israel and Holocaust revisionists
in Iran. (See, “Is
‘Strong’ Criticism of Israel Anti-Semitic?

The motto of Mossad, “by way of deception,” appears to
extend far beyond Israel’s secret police. It seems that, for
many Jewish activists, any means of silencing anti-Semites is permissible.

Destroying the Patriot Movement

Israel’s attempt to destroy internet opposition may already be well
advanced. Increasingly, a host of saboteurs attack critics of Israel
on the Internet.

– Spreading gossip and accusations within the Right, promoting distrust.

– Representing themselves as conspiracy theorists who are profane
and violent.

– Posing as wildly irresponsible anti-Semites and right-wing extremists
in order to frighten away newcomers.

– Calling for imminent violence.

– Cluttering search engines with disinformation.

– Inciting religious and racial tensions.

– Voting down good videos as soon as they appear while voting up bad
ones (Result: good videos languish from lack of interest).

Jeff Rense, the world’s preeminent anti-Zionist talk show host and
internet news provider, tells me:

“Zionist internet terrorism, character assassination, and email
hacking are growing in ferocity and arrogance. The ongoing interception
of many articles you write and send to me for posting is certainly
a prime case in point….here’s what I have to work against. Each story
I select for publication is edited, formatted, etc., by yours truly,
and then emailed to my webmaster for posting. To make certain he gets
the stories I want placed on rense.com, I email each of them a total
of *five* times. I send four of the copies to four *different* addresses
that James maintains at four *different* IPs. I also
send one email (the fifth one) – of each story back to myself via cc
to be as sure as possible the emails were actually processed and delivered.
What the Zionists (and perhaps others) do is clear. If they choose
to block certain stories, they intercept all four of the emails through
James’ four different email addresses… but they allow my own
cc to be delivered back to my mailbox. This makes it appear to me that
all five of the emails were processed correctly. Clever trick. We have
run across this ‘technique’ many, many times. So, in addition to blocking
and destroying incoming email from very important writers like yourself,
they are having a good time vaporizing outgoing stories I send to be
posted at rense.com. They are also quite capable of changing the content
of emails which they so choose. Unfortunately, there are a lot more
dirty tricks in their inventory, which is clearly laid out in my article
which can be read here: ‘Zionist
Terror Attacks
‘ on Rense.com and Rense
Radio. http://www.rense.com/general69/zattk.htm.”

What Can Be Done?

Lovers of freedom must recognize that the internet is the “Lexington
Green” on which freedom can be saved or lost today. As such, we
must be open to the possibility that Israeli cyber-warriors will not
be content to simply manipulate polls and search engines but will actually
create the impression of “anti-Semitic” bigotry, outrages,
and even threats of violence online. They may also attempt to knock
out websites and manipulate right-wing communications.

As we saw powerfully demonstrated on April 15, once the Tea Party
movement became aware of Jason Levin’s attempts to infiltrate and discredit
it, Tea Partiers everywhere made it clear they would be especially
watchful for such “agent provocateurs” and expel them. The
same awareness, action, and suspicion must pervade the Christian/conservative
right as the government of Israel attempts to take over one of the
very greatest forums of freedom left to us: a free internet. If Israel
wants ballot-stuffing and destruction of the communication tools of
its critics, then let such repression be confined to its twisted “democracy,” Israel.

Everyone must let Israel know that “by way of deception” will
not be tolerated on the information super highway. The internet belongs
to everyone.

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